Youth Leaders

February 05, 2018

Youth Leaders Needed
Asbury Grove, located in Hamilton, MA, is a Christian community in the Methodist Camp Meeting tradition, with a summer chapel program for the young people, in July and August.  Two leaders are hired each summer to fill positions as Children's worker (ages 8-12) and Youth Worker (ages 12-16).  The program includes a 10-week period from the third week of June through approx. August 26.
Job Description for Youth\Children's Worker
1.    36 hours a week.
2.    Time spent conducting and preparing devotionals, Bible studies, games and activities.
3.    Includes overseeing one or more fund raising activities with the children.
4.    Some time attending church services at Asbury Grove with the children.
5.    General time spent with them at the meeting place and at the pool.
6.    Regular meetings with a Grove mentor for advice.
7.    Duties may also include weekly out-of-the-Grove activities.
8.    The salary is $380 a week with housing and a swimming pool pass.
9.    Applicants need to be at least 21 years of age.
                   Interested parties please contact:    Sandra Meade