Church Administrator

April 30, 2021

Part-Time Church Administrator UMC of Westford is seeking a Christian individual with strong interpersonal skills. Responsibilities include administrative support and communications. Position begins in late May/early June. Please link the following job longer advertisement to the description above. United Methodist Church of Westford (UMCW), Westford MA Office Administrator Job Profile

Our Mission Statement “God calls us to be disciples of Jesus, building community through service and fellowship and sharing the love of Christ with all.” Our Openness Statement “The United Methodist Church of Westford is an open and welcoming community of Christian Faith. Without any exceptions, we welcome anyone who seeks to love and to serve God.”

POSITION DESCRIPTION The Office Administrator is responsible for multiple activities that support the life of our church – including church administration, pastoral administrative support, and participation in church communications. This is a part-time position – see Work Hours section. In addition to the responsibilities of the position, the Office Administrator acts as the “face of UMCW,” creating a welcoming environment for those visiting and reaching out to our church. The person in this position should be dedicated to supporting the mission and goals of the church. For more information about UMCW please see our church website:

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: I. CHURCH ADMINISTRATION • Maintain the online church calendar ensuring that all church meetings/church classes/music rehearsals (in-person or Zoom) are on the calendar. • Provide administrative support to church leaders and committee heads where needed. • Attend Ministry Team meetings (record minutes). • Help maintain Church360° membership database. • Review weekly sermon (after the service) for posting to Google Docs and printing for those requesting it via mail. • Meet with Pastor and CYF (Church, Youth, and Family) Ministry Director weekly to discuss priorities for the coming week related to pastoral care and church administration. • Work closely with Trustees’ chair and sexton with regard to overseeing the church building safety and maintenance while working/communicating with tenants. • Assist the pastor with any information required from the Church360° database and calendar for annual statistical reports, working in conjunction with the Treasurer and the Trustees. • Update Google Docs as needed or requested by church leaders. • Ensure the church office runs efficiently, responding to email requests daily, checking regular mail, ordering office supplies, scheduling maintenance for office equipment (ie printer/copier). II.

CHURCH COMMUNICATION • Prepare the weekly Order of Worship (for online and in-person services) using Constant Contact. • Produce the weekly eNews (by gathering material from the pastor and other church leaders) using Constant Contact. • Schedule meetings as requested and maintain the church meeting room schedule. • Update additional annual publications, including -- the booklet for the Annual Charge Conference, the electronic Church Directory (and print directories if requested by congregants), and the Mission and Ministry Booklet. • Prepare other periodic correspondence and mailings as needed under the pastor’s direction. • Work with the church’s Communications team to review PR materials, review and provide website content as needed. III.

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT FOR THE PASTOR • Help the pastor coordinate congregational needs for pastoral care and nurturing, maintaining close contact with church leaders, and setting up counseling meetings and other appointments for the pastor. • Proof and edit as necessary the pastor’s written correspondence and communication to the congregation.

PROFESSIONAL EXPECTATIONS AND QUALIFICATIONS • Possesses a positive attitude, a quick smile, and strong interpersonal skills. • Has excellent writing and editing skills. • Is a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects. • Collaborates well with others, and also is effective working independently. • Proficient in Microsoft Office. Must be comfortable learning and/or using other applications such as Google Docs, Constant Contact, Church360° Membership Database.

WORK HOURS AND PAID TIME OFF • 25 hours per week, except for June-August (20 hours per week) • PRE-COVID: As the “face of UMCW” the Office Administrator is expected to be present in the UMCW Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. In the summer, from June through August, it is a 4-day work week (specific days can be discussed). • During COVID restrictions: Primarily work from home, coming into the office a few times a week (to print materials for mailing, check the mail). • Flex time can be applied – if the Office Administrator needs occasional personal time during regular work hours, or if the church needs the services of the Office Administrator outside of regular work hours (for example, to attend the monthly Ministry meeting one evening per month). • Paid Vacation time – 2 weeks per year. After five years of employment, 3 weeks. • Paid Sick/Personal time – up to 6 paid sick/personal days per year. • Holidays – 8 paid holidays per year (New Year's, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas and choice of either President's Day or Columbus Day). Send your resume, application, or questions to

Contact: Beverly Welsh

Address: 36 Country Rd. Westford MA 01886

Phone: 978-692-7797