November 01, 2018

JOB DESCRIPTION FOR THE LEADER OF FAITH FORMATION FOR THE UNITED PARISH OF LUNENBURG Purpose of the position: To provide overall leadership and facilitate the Faith Formation ministry including developing and providing resources for all aspects of the church program. The Leader of the Faith Formation Program will nurture and provide guidance for the Faith Formation program ages three thru high school in accordance with the goals, objectives and policies established by the Faith Formation Committee and other responsible bodies. She/he will oversee and participate in all Faith Formation programs. He/she will enlist teachers and leaders for the Faith Formation and other programs for children, plan and conduct training sessions. She/he will maintain communication with the congregation to interpret the children’s education/faith formation opportunities and needs and enlist their participation and support. He/she will work with the pastor to incorporate children and elements of the curriculum in worship and oversee special programs during the year to meet the specific goals of the Faith Formation program and the Church. He/she shall work with staff and/or members of the congregation in the implementation of the church’s program and mission. Essential Functions: • Equip teachers and leaders by providing training, support and guidance. • Envision, enhance and develop curriculum with the Faith Formation Committee and teachers. Research and purchase materials to implement curriculum. • Maintain regular communication with children, youth and families through e-mail/phone/social network/newsletter. • Attend monthly Faith Formation Committee meeting and other meetings as needed to support the formation, coordination, promotion and evaluation of programs and policies. • With assistance of Faith Formation Committee, submit yearly budget and prepare annual report. • Serve as a resource person in the area of curriculum and related information for youth retreats, mission trips/projects and camps. • Participate in professional development to keep abreast of the latest methods in children’s faith education through involvement with Community of Practice and other professional opportunities. • Maintain regulations and requirements of the Safe Church Policies. • Leadership/participation in traditional programs & events such as: Senior Blankets, Bible Presentation, Heifer, UNICEF, Caroling, Programs with other churches, Christmas Eve service for Children, Music and Chapel Time during Faith Formation, and Children’s Missions/Community Outreach. Time required/salary: 20 hours per week for approximately 30 weeks from mid-August to mid-June. One Sunday off per month. $12,000. The office of the United Parish of Lunenburg is located at 39 Main Street, Lunenburg, MA. (978) 582-6572. A resume or letter of interest may be sent to that address or through email at unitedparishlunenburg.office@gmail.com or other appropriate networking. Visit our web page at unitedparishlunenburg.weebly.com.

Contact: Prudence Parsons

Address: 39 Main St. Lunenburg 01462

Phone: 9785826572

Email: unitedparishlunenburg.office@gmail.com

Website: unitedparishlunenburg.weebly.com