Local Church Treasurer's Handbook

The local church treasurer is one of the most important positions in the administration of the local church. It is also one of the most complex jobs involving many areas of state and federal rules, regulation, and reporting. The treasurer is also responsible for recording and reporting all of the church's financial transactions.

We pray that this handbook will help newly-installed treasurers climb the learning curve more quickly and serve as a resource for the more experienced treasurers.

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. We are always interested in anything that would make this resource clearer or more helpful.

Contact the Conference Treasurer at treasurer@neumc.org with any questions or comments.

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Local Church Treasurer's Handbook (PDF):
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Handbook Sections and Directories
Section 1 - Local Church Audit Guide
Section 2 - Church Financial Computer Systems
Section 3 - Church Tax Reporting
Section 3 - Employee vs Contractor
Section 4 - Group Ruling for UM Churches
Section 5 - Guide to Financial Resources
Section 6 - HIPAA Privacy Rule & Local Churches
Section 7 - I-9
Section 8 - Local Church Incorporation
Section 9 - Pastors Housing Allowance
Section 10 - Pastors Reimbursable Expenses
Section 11 - Pastors Moving Expenses
Section 11 - Pastors Discretionary Fund
Section 11 - Gift Acceptance Policy 
Section 11 - Good Samaritan Benevolence Fund
Section 12 - Statistical tables 1, 11, 111
Section 13 - Stewardship
Section 14 - Miscellaneous
Section 14 - Example W-3 Form