Church safety and response to violence

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August 2019

Churches and gun violence — 7 practical preparation tips: A former police officer and now pastor offers practical tips.

Church violence: Protecting your members: You should have a violence preparedness plan, just as you have disaster preparedness plans. There will always be the possibility of situations you can’t predict, but the more situations you prepare for, the better you’ll be able to respond if something does happen.

Keeping churches safe and welcoming: Watch the video or read the transcript reporting on a church safety summit at Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church in Boise, Idaho.

Preparing a church emergency plan: For the safety of the congregation, church leaders should seriously consider taking time to develop a church emergency preparation and response plan. These steps will assist in the development of such a plan.

Protecting your congregation when the unthinkable happens: United Methodist Insurance provides guidance from the Department of Homeland Security and in the event of an active shooter on church premises.


Help for crime victims: Information from a resource and advocacy organization in the United States for crime victims and those who serve them.


Dealing with grief — Five things not to say: We often have no idea what to say in the face of senseless loss. That is especially true when children are the victims of tragedy.

How to help children after a crisis: Ministry Matters offers a collection of ideas for parents, teachers and others who love them to help children.

Trauma resources for ministry with children and families: There are times when we stand in a place when we need to reassure children that they are safe even when we may not feel safe ourselves. These resources are for use in congregations, homes, camps and ministries of the church.

Helping children cope with violence: Find concrete suggestions for how parents and congregations can help children deal with violent events they hear about in the news.