Church Mutual / Fred C. Church Visits

We want to help you with your risk control efforts, we want to see your church, and we want to meet you. All of these will be accomplished as representatives of Church Mutual, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) Insurance or Fred C. Church come to visit.

When & Why We Will Visit You

Church Mutual representatives will be visiting churches throughout the Conference on a regular basis. Their primary objective is to better understand the risks that they are underwriting. Specifically, they want to check on the values and condition of your church and any other buildings; review maintenance programs and planned construction; evaluate your safety and operations; and – very importantly – answer your questions and address your concerns. Sometimes we contract with an outside vendor, Mueller Reports, to conduct these local visits.

Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) Insurance provides state required inspections for boilers at the church. They have an inspection schedule in their files to identify when these are needed to comply with state regulations. Normally they conduct an inspection automatically based on the date in their records. Should you find that your boiler operating certificate has expired, please call us so we can arrange to have a HSB inspector visit you.

What to Expect

Representatives from the insurance company should not show up unannounced. They will make an appointment through the church office or Pastor. Visits should last anywhere from 1-2 hours and can be conducted with the Pastor, Trustee or any other member of the church who is available. If they leave you a message requesting a visit, please respond to them. If you have any questions about someone who contacts you concerning a visit or an insurance matter, please don’t hesitate to call Fred C. Church to verify.

Church Mutual will send you a written communication following their visit. They may provide recommendations for you to consider implementing to prevent a claim. You should respond directly to Church Mutual on the recommendations.

HSB will file the boiler inspection information with the state, and you may receive an invoice from the state for the issuance of the certificate. The inspection is completed at no cost to you as part of the insurance program. The state fees are outside of the insurance program.