Church Resources - FAQ'S

Some of the most frequently asked questions of the Granite District office can be answered in the following materials. Churches may download these resources to have on hand: 

Insurance Questions - Fred C. Church UMC Booklet

Mission Shares - How They are Calculated

UMCOR Donations - Church Guidance


Church Archive Record Guidelines

Record Management

NEAC Issues NEW  Conference Numbers for Churches

(Effective - 7/1/20) Please use the new numbers for any forms that require this information.


NEAC Leadership Training 2023 

Church Council Guidelines

Finance Committee Guidelines

SPRC Guidelines

Stewardship Guidelines

 Church Treasurer’s Handbook

NEAC Leadership Training 2-12-22 - Printable Treasurer/Financial Secretary Training 

Trustees Guidelines

Local Church Audit Guidelines

Safe Sanctuaries Policy

What is the Methodist Church Group Ruling (Tax Exemption)

GCFA - Application for UMC Group Ruling Documents 

Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number - AKA Federal Tax ID#)

Not Sure of your EIN - IRS Suggestions



Navigating the World of Digital Media - Copyright Licensing for Virtual Ministries

NEAC Re-Entry Team Updates

Music Guidelines for Re-opening

Church Relief - FAQ's

Boy Scouts of America - Final 2022 Agreements

Local churches should be under one of the following agreements by Oct 31, 2022:

Affiliation Agreement - for churches that want to host and have a key supporting role with a Scouting group

Facilities-use Agreement - for churches that just want to provide space for Scouting meetings