Church Resources - FAQ'S

Some of the most frequently asked questions of the Granite District office can be answered in the following materials. Churches may download these resources to have on hand: 

Insurance Questions - Fred C. Church UMC Booklet

Mission Shares - How They are Calculated

UMCOR Donations - Church Guidance


Church Archive Record Guidelines

Record Management

Annual Reports Required From Churches - 2021-2022 

NEAC Issues NEW  Conference Numbers for Churches

(Effective - 7/1/20) Please use the new numbers for any forms that require this information.


NEAC Leadership Training 2022 - Includes:

- SPRC Resources

- Treasurer/Financial Secretary Resources 

- Trustee Resources

Church Council Guidelines

Finance Committee Guidelines

SPRC Guidelines

Stewardship Guidelines

 Church Treasurer’s Handbook

NEAC Leadership Training 2-12-22 - Printable Treasurer/Financial Secretary Training 

Trustees Guidelines

Local Church Audit Guidelines

Safe Sanctuaries Policy

What is the Methodist Church Group Ruling (Tax Exemption)

GCFA - Application for UMC Group Ruling Documents 

Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number - AKA Federal Tax ID#)

Not Sure of your EIN - IRS Suggestions



Navigating the World of Digital Media - Copyright Licensing for Virtual Ministries

NEAC Re-Entry Team Updates

Music Guidelines for Re-opening

Church Relief - FAQ's

Boy Scouts of America - Final 2022 Agreements

Local churches should be under one of the following agreements by Oct 31, 2022:

Affiliation Agreement - for churches that want to host and have a key supporting role with a Scouting group

Facilities-use Agreement - for churches that just want to provide space for Scouting meetings