Church Conference Schedule & Worship Guides


Seacoast District Church Conference Schedule: 

2021-2022 Church Conference Schedule by Church (As of 11/12/21)

2021-2022 SPRC Schedule by Date  (As of 11/5/21)



2021 CHURCH CONFERENCE WORSHIP GUIDE AND SCRIPT  - The church conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work. Please prepare a worship guide for each attendee. 

  • The Leader's Worship Guide is for the pastor and presiding leader and includes instructions for preparation and for the conference.

             2021 Leader's  Worship Guide -  .docx format (editing version)

             2021 Leader's  Worship  Guide - .pdf format (recommended for Mac users)

             2021 Participant's Worship Guide - .docx format (editing version)

             2021 Participant's Worship Guide - .pdf format (recommended for Mac users)

              2021 Business Agenda - .pdf (these items correspond with the printable checklists above)

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