Church Conference Forms and Information

Katahdin District 

Church conference booklets are due in to the Katahdin District office on 

TWO WEEKS Prior to your Church Conference


The following items are required in your church conference booklet.  Please arrange your booklet in the following order:

(Click on blue linked report name to access/download form. Many forms have been revised this year so please use these new, updated forms)

1.  Minutes of 2021 church conference

2.  2021 Fund Balance Report (Audit) 

3.  Trustee Report

4.  SPRC Report ,

     a.  2023 Pastoral Compensation Report 

     b.  Housing Allowance/Exclusion Report 

5.  Finance Reports

     a.  Year-to-Date Finances

     b.  GCFA Report of the Finance Committee

     b.  2023 Budget (if prepared)

6.  Lay Leadership

     a.  Nominations Report

     b.  2023 Leadership List 

     c.  Lay Servant/Lay Speaker/Certified Lay Minister Reports

7.  Candidate Reports (If Applicable)

8.  Clergy Reports

      a.  Pastor Report (you can use this form or submit a free form report)

     b.  Retired Minister Report  (If Applicable)

     c.  Extension Minister Report (If Applicable)

9. Membership Report and Remembrance of Saints

10.  Safe Sanctuary Policy

11.  Other reports (such as Outreach, Missions, Worship, etc)

Useful Supporting Documents not included in Church Conference booklet:

     2023 Pastoral Compensation Guide

     Housing Allowance v. Housing Exclusion Information Sheet

     Parsonage Guidelines

     2023 Example of How to Calculate Pension

     2023 Health Insurance Church Blended Rates

Worship Guides/Bulletins for 2022 Church Conference

     2022 Church Conference LEADERS SCRIPT(docx)

     2022 Church Conference LEADER'S SCRIPT (pdf)

     2022 Church Conference Participant's Guide (docx)

     2022 Church Conference Participant's Guide (pdf)

SPRC committees and Pastors:  Please prepare and submit the Church Appointment Update and the Pastoral Appointment Update by Thanksgiving (November 24th)

Please note:  Parsonage Inspection Reports are  required this year.