Changes / New Exposures

It is critical that you notify us of any changes, which might create a property or liability exposure difference. This includes vacant properties (other than parsonages), new construction and major renovations.

Who to Notify

For any changes, including those which may seem inconsequential to you, please notify your Fred C. Church service team. Please call us if you are not sure whether something requires notification.

What We Need to Know About

Please let us know about any of the following:

  • Building changes – new construction, renovations, repairs, and demolitions that exceed 10% of the value of the property.
  • Other property – substantial purchases or gifts of furniture, office equipment, computers, athletic and playground equipment, fine arts, musical instruments, etc. which increase your values.
  • Operations changes – new activities which might produce a risk of liability, such as camps, schools, day care or church-sponsored special trips.
  • Tenants – outside organizations which use your church on a one-time or regular basis and whose activities might increase the likelihood of personal injury or property damage.
  • All other – anything which might possibly constitute a major physical or operational change to your current program or physical plant. 

Most of these changes will be covered – some automatically and some with specific handling, including a separate premium charge for your church. However, some will not; it is critical that you let us know.