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"Everyone’s experience with Cancer is so individual. What I have gained through my involvement with our Cancer Prayer and Support Group is common ground. Although we all have our own story of fear, pain and loss; what we share is our faith in the Lord. Our time together, bound together with love and hope, strengthens and rejuvenates the soul." – Linda

Several churches in the New England Conference have cancer support ministries – many started by a group of people who have had cancer touch their lives in one way or another.

These ministries and prayer groups serve as places in the community where cancer survivors, those being treated for cancer, and others touched by the disease can gather to share their experiences. Here, prayer is a part of the support and people can share openly how God has been in the midst of their cancer journey.

"As a lung cancer survivor, I made a promise to God that if I survived cancer I would do something to give back to others because of my good fortune. I chose to become a trained facilitator and sit with groups of people who are personally living with cancer or have a friend or family member on the cancer journey. I gain great strength from the members of the group because of their faith in God and their faith in other." – Cathy