Board of Trustees Loans

The New England Conference Board of Trustees makes loans to local churches for the following types of projects as well as other purposes: 

  • Land for a new congregation  

  • Building for a new congregation  

  • New building for an existing congregation  

  • Addition to an existing building  

  • Land for relocation Purchase of parsonage  

Loan applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Loans are awarded in consultation with the Cabinet and guided by the following:  

  • Due diligence on the part of the church to raise funds 

  • The emergency circumstance 

  • Prayer  

  • Biblical principles for fairness (churches with limited funds are considered first)  

  • Churches that are growing despite limited access to funds 

The Trustee Loan Application can be found by clicking the link or through the Form Finder 

Once the application form is completed, it should be sent, along with any attachments, to your District Superintendent. The Superintendent will make comments and add his/her signature.  

The church should then forward the completed application to:

Loan Administrator 
Mark Monson Alley
22 Charles Wesley Court
Wells, ME 04090

The Trustees also offer grants. Learn more about the grant program.