Board of Ordained Ministry


The Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) is responsible for supporting persons who respond to God's call to professional ministry as an elder, deacon, licensed local pastor, or other ministry options.

Together with the appropriate District Committee on Ordained Ministry (dCOM), the Board reviews the educational and personal qualifications of candidates, including personal interviews, through each step of the candidacy process, from certified candidacy to ordination or licensing as a local pastor. The Board then makes a recommendation on the person's status to the Clergy Session at Annual Conference. The BOM also reviews and recommends changes in Conference Relationship, whether voluntary or involuntary. 

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Inclusivity Statement

As the Board of Ordained Ministry of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, we embrace the direction given by our conference to discern the call to ministry of candidates who come before us without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or age.  Our policy is to be guided by the Holy Spirit as we seek to judge the readiness of those called to lay ministry, the ministry of local pastors, associate membership or ordained ministry.  We are committed to following the leading of the Spirit with each candidate and member with justice, fairness and consistent standards.  We further stand with those in other annual conferences who have pledged themselves to evaluate, support, equip and deploy candidates for ministry based solely upon an understanding of their gifts for ministry and their readiness to serve Jesus Christ.
Resolution of Sanctuary - April 27, 2017
BE IT RESOLVED that the New England BOM commits to be a place of sanctuary for those who are immigrants and refugees by recognizing, nurturing, and affirming their call for ministry without regard to immigrant status.  

BOM Meeting Schedule

2023:  February 1-3, April 26-27, October 18-20

2024:  February 7-9, April 11-12,  October 23-25

2025: February 5-7, April 30-May 1, October 22-24

2022 Detailed Schedule vJuly 2022

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