Go Green, Save Money, Save the Earth: Saving some green

Kim Hornung-Marcy

April 04, 2022

Green option for retired pastors:
Many Pastors who retire purchase a home, that is new to them, and possibly the first time in a long time they have owned property.   Preachers' Aid Society (PAS) has a Green Loan program for retired clergy.

Retired pastors may draw up to $10,000 (over a period of 10 years) in order to make improvements in the homes they own, in order to cut energy costs. The PAS website lists the following items as possible uses for these funds: replacement windows, new furnaces, solar heating installations, insulation, energy efficient appliances, insulating window treatments, auxiliary heating systems. 
Go to: https://www.preachersaid.org/retired-clergy-and-surviving-spouses for this information.

Notice how many of these options will not only make the home more comfortable, and save money, but will reduce emissions of CO2,  which helps the earth. The loan rates are better than you can get at a bank, and the Rev. Dr. Wes Palmer, PAS Executive Director, reports that they have always been able to honor all appropriate requests.
Green Options for church property:  
If you are in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts. Your state level Interfaith Power and Light group has programs to give grants for energy audits and even the projects to make churches or parsonages more green, comfortable and energy efficient. Once installed energy efficient solutions reduce your heat/cooling bills. 

The National Interfaith Power and Light has guidance for Congregations hoping to be green. https://www.interfaithpowerandlight.org/  And has a page on using solar and how to finance it. https://www.interfaithpowerandlight.org/congregational-solar/
Green options for Parishioners:
Most New England states have weatherization programs for low and moderate income residents or rebates or do-it-yourself sites for all income levels. Here are some resources to get you started:

New Hampshire