Go Green, Save Money and Save the Earth. Apply for a new grant!

Kim Hornung-Marcy

January 02, 2023

Happy New Year. Here’s more information on an important grant for houses of worship going green. Grants are for up to $200,000. The Infrastructure Bill, passed in 2021, includes $50 million for grants for nonprofits, and specifically mentions houses of worship.
We hope to have more specific information on how to apply by February 2023. There are important things you can do now to prepare for applying for this grant. You will need to develop a 12-month study of your buildings’ use of energy. The recommendation is to use 2019 data as it is pre-COVID.
Interfaith Power and Light (IPL), a national non-profit, focused on helping houses of worship go green recommends you follow their free Cool Congregations program (link below).
They also held a very informative webinar this December 2022 on this grant (link to this below). 
This grant will reduce your heating/cooling bills, make your building more comfortable year-round, make your building healthier for those who use it, reduce emissions, and pollution. Help save the earth from the worst effects of climate change. 
In December 2022 Interfaith Power and Light hosted a briefing on Federal Funding Resources for Nonprofits & Houses of Worship: Here are the recording and presentation slides
To prepare to apply for grants: Interfaith Power and Light recommends all churches have a green team (see the Cool Congregations link to learn more). They have free material to guide green teams.
More links to help you:
IPL federal resources website
IPL federal resources spreadsheet
Cool Congregations website
DOE Energy Efficiency Materials Pilot Program for Nonprofits
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