Creation Care Corner: Where stewardship meets sustainability

Grace Pugh Hubbard

August 28, 2023

Hello, Friends, I’m Grace Pugh Hubbard, and I am excited to begin my work in the newly created role of Climate Care Coordinator for our Conference!
In this monthly space I will share resources that can be used by local churches as we continue conversations about and bravely move into the ministry of caring for God’s creation.
United Methodist Creation Justice Movement (UMCJM) is a grassroots organization that connects people with resources for the work of creation care, justice, and regeneration. They have MANY resources available on their website, but I’ll highlight two here:

  1. Each month, UMCJM provides 10 Creation Justice Tips that can be used independently in church bulletins, newsletters, or social media. These are easy to implement, biblically and theologically sound, and educational. Find the September 2023 tips
  1. September begins the Season of Creation, and UMCJM provides a five-week worship series titled Let Justice and Peace Flow. This was created by United Methodist pastors and lay people from around the United States who wrote and assembled the series complete with liturgy, sermon starters, children’s materials, and music suggestions.  The series is intended for use Sept. 3–Oct. 1, 2023, but can be adapted for use anytime in the liturgical calendar. There is much to glean from this resource even if you choose not to use it in its entirety. You can find it here
We want to celebrate green efforts together as we work to care for God’s creation. 
What is your church doing toward caring for our planet? I am eager to learn about anything from eliminating one-use plastic and changing out lightbulbs to installing solar panels. Please let me know at