RS - 210 - AMENDMENTS - BY-LAWS, Methodist Conference Home, Inc. Rockland, Maine 04841

Communications Department

April 11, 2014

(Submitted by Lee Karker, Executive Director)

Amend Sections 1 and 3 of ARTICLE IV - BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Section 1.  Number and Qualifications:  The affairs of the Corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of seventeen (17) fifteen (15) persons.  Except as otherwise required by law, the Directors need not be elected from among the membership of the Corporation and need not be residents of the State of Maine. The Directors shall be broadly representative of the community interest and professional experience.  Three (3) Directors shall be ministers of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; six (6) four (4) shall be laity of said Conference. Seven (7)  Six (6) Directors shall be elected from the community at large by the Methodist Conference Home, Inc. Board of Directors. The District Superintendent of the Mid-Maine District and the Chair of the Board of Directors of Coastal Trans, Inc. shall be ex officio members, with vote.

Section 3.  Election and Term of Office:   Four (4) or five (5) Directors shall be elected each year for a term of four (4) three (3) years and may serve for two (2) consecutive terms.  No elected Director who has served a two (2) full terms of eight (8) years shall be eligible to succeed him/herself in office, but may be re-elected as a Director after a lapse of a year or more from the termination of her/his previous term.

A Director whose term is less than eight (8) six (6) years by reason of filling a vacancy on the Board may succeed her/himself for a regular term.

The nine (9) seven (7) elected Directors of this Corporation shall be elected by the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, in accordance with the requirements of this section (Section 3, Article IV); upon nomination by the Conference Committee on Nominations or upon nomination from the floor of the Conference.  The seven (7) six (6) at-large Directors shall be elected in the following manner:   the Chairperson of the Coastal Trans, Inc. Board of Directors shall serve ex-officio, with vote; the remaining six (6) at-large members shall be elected by the Methodist Conference Home, Inc. Board of Directors at the its annual meeting.

Conference Secretary’s notes:

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