Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

Communications Department

January 09, 2013

Betty Palmer
28 Ticonic St
Waterville, ME 04901-8082
207 872 8082
The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is a special place where homeless people are treated and referred to as guests. We have a modest home with 18 beds which we have lovingly renovated several times to make it as comfortable, clean, safe and friendly as possible. We are preparing to break ground for a new facility, which will house 40 guests, as well as a homelessness prevention and resource center. The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is a private, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors broadly representing the community including; clergy, business leaders, educators, health care professionals, social service providers, and volunteers. The shelter is open to guests from 6:00pm to 7:50am. 365 days a year. We serve breakfast and dinner daily. In addition, we open a food pantry every Friday to support homeless prevention. Our homeless singles are housed on the second floor of our shelter and our family unit is located on the first floor. We housed 19 adults and 7 children on average every day in 2009 utilizing our shelter and occasionally at our off-site emergency locations. During the winter we also have an emergency overflow shelter in the basement of a local church. Our Resource Specialist meets with each guest to guide them and help make a plan to ensure they are successful once they leave the shelter.