Mechuwana Conference Camp

Communications Department

January 09, 2013

Norman Thombs
PO Box 277
Winthrop ME 04364
(207) 377- 2924, 377-4388
Camp Mechuwana serves more than 2,000 people a year by providing a unique Christian environment. We offer more than 50 programs for youth, and adults during the summer. These programs introduce individuals to Christ and provide opportunities for those who already know Christ to spread His love to others. We have a vibrant year-round youth ministry for high school and middle school youth. We are a year-round camp and conference center offering more than 50 programs for people of all ages. We host close to one hundred groups during the year that expand our outreach ministry to thousands of people. We offer transformational ministries that allow people to continue or discover their Christian journey. For many young people the camping ministry is their first opportunity to be exposed to the teachings of Christ. As we come together creating a loving caring community, we share in the holy spirit of our God.