Communications Department

January 09, 2013

JoAnn Carlotto
22 Leonard Ave.
Bradford, MA 01835-7919
MAPA began in 1992 as volunteer mission program in the small impoverished town of Paraiso located in Barahona, Dominican Republic. We continue to evolve in our work as a mutual ministry with the New England Conference and the Dominican Evangelical Church, which has strong connections with United Methodism. Review of the past and present, and planning for the future is done during the annual mission trip to Paraiso. This is the only time MAPA meets as a whole. Our goal is to provide an education in a school which models and teaches Christian living and God's unconditional love to any child over the age of two years. As we move into the present, we are emphasising and developing programs in nursery and pre-kindergarten education, tutoring of all grades, English lessons to people of all ages, and creating a computer lab to keep astride of the improvement of public education in the Dominican Republic. Undocumented students are welcome at the school, with the understanding that we are searching for documentation. The national free breakfast was altered from one half cup of milk and a roll, to powdered milk and raw grains (oatmeal and corn flower. Plans are in place to replace the stolen kitchen equipment so that the staff is able to prepare the breakfast, which may be the only meal of the day for some of our children. The annual MAPA mission trip, which is usually scheduled for the middle of February, is open to all persons. The estimated cost for the 10 days is $1500, excluding personal purchases.