Camp Aldersgate

Communications Department

January 09, 2013

Jennifer Carpenter
1043 Snake Hill Rd
N. Scituate, RI 02857
Camp Aldersgate seeks to fulfill its part in the body of Christ's ministry by giving campers and guests an experience that represents a world transformed by disciples of Jesus Christ. Aldersgate's programs equip campers, guests, and staff with tools needed to grow in their own spirituality and to proclaim the Good News in the world.
Over the past few years, Aldersgate has grown consistently in both campers and retreat guests served.
Funding provided through Advance Special donations will help to enable this growth to continue by providing funding to hire quality staff, keep facilities in good repair, reduce energy consumption, and ensure that programs have adequate space to continue their pattern of growth. This funding also enables us to keep camper and retreat rates lower for those who come to Aldersgate.