Communications Department

April 10, 2014

As those who oppose, seek to change, and intend to live in disobedience to the United Methodist Disciplinary language that "homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching" as a criteria for ordination and marriage and those policies that emanate from this language, we submit the following for adoption and implementation by the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Resolved:

1. We strongly urge our Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and our Resident Bishop to make decisions about appointments, ordination and clergy membership in this conference solely on the basis of gifts and graces for the ministry of God and without consideration of gender orientation.

2. We commend and support those clergy who have been brought to trial for solemnizing marriage vows for properly prepared couples.

3. We strongly urge our Board of Ordained Ministry, Appointment Cabinet, and Resident Bishop to do all within their power to make the New England Annual Conference a place of welcome and refuge to those convicted by Church trial courts for presiding over same gender Christian weddings or faithfully responding to the call to ordained ministry.

4. We strongly urge the next General Conference of the United Methodist Church to remove all language that prohibits the ordination and marriage of persons based upon gender orientation.

5. We strongly urge our New England Conference congregations and their clergy to open their "hearts, minds and doors" to all couples regardless of gender seeking to sanctify their unions in holy matrimony.

Respectfully submitted by: Thomas J. Gallen, Elder; Sam Johnson, Elder; Robert Moore, Elder; Leigh Dry, Elder; Kelly Turney, Elder; Mary Jane O'Connor Ropp, Elder; Sara Ewing-Merrill, Elder; Allen Ewing-Merrill, Elder; Douglas Robinson-Johnson, Elder; Susan Ellery, Local Pastor; Mimi Mills, Local Pastor; Bill Trench, Elder; Stacey Lanier, Elder; Nancy Smith, Deacon; Scott Campbell, Elder; Linda Wood-Boyle, Elder; We Hyun Chang, Elder; Linda Grenfell, Elder; Gary Nettleton, Elder; Wesley Palmer, Elder.