Communications Department

April 10, 2014

(Submitted by the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits)

     WHEREAS the Preachers’ Aid Society has been in continuous service to United Methodist clergy and their families since 1832; and

     WHEREAS the Society’s programs complement the official pension programs of the United Methodist Church immeasurably, through emergency financial assistance, its program of visitation to retired clergy and their families, its development of retiree housing, sponsoring planning seminars, among many other initiatives; and

     WHEREAS the Preachers’ Aid Society has contributed $2.5 million toward helping the Conference meet its desire to provide health insurance coverage to retired clergy and their spouses, and has made a $2.5 million challenge commitment to the Together for Tomorrow capital funds campaign for retiree health insurance.

     THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Pensions affirms the ministry of the Preachers’ Aid Society and encourages the Annual Conference and its churches to support the mission of that organization.