RS - 207 - Support for Moscow UM Theological Seminary

Communications Department

April 03, 2012

(Submitted by Conference Board of Global Ministries)

WHEREAS, The United Methodist Church has been growing rapidly throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and 

WHEREAS, one of the primary foundation stones for The United Methodist Church is education for both clergy and laity, and

WHEREAS, this is a critical time in the establishing of the Moscow United Methodist Theological Seminary to provide leadership for the growth in Russian and CIS congregations which cannot support the need, and

WHEREAS, the New England Annual Conference has partnerships with churches and annual conferences in Central America and in Africa, but not in Europe and Asia, although several churches and individuals in New England Annual Conference have been involved with the United Methodist churches in Russia and the CIS countries, and

WHEREAS, a particular relationship has developed with the Moscow United Methodist Theological Seminary, including some of its students being present in the 2011 session of the annual conference;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the New England Annual Conference form a partnership with the Moscow United Methodist Theological Seminary with the goal of: 

  • raising $10,000 each year for at least five years, with all funds to be channeled through the General Board of Global Ministries Advance #12174A “Russia Seminary”
  • supporting the students, faculty and administrators through prayer and other possible identified means
  • sending a team to visit, to learn, and to do appropriate ministry with the Seminary and related ministries within the next three years

And, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Conference Board of Global Ministries organize and oversee this partnership.

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