RS - 108 - Health Insurance Billing Rate Calculation

Communications Department

April 12, 2012

(Submitted by Council on Finance and Administration & Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits)

The 2013 Health Insurance “blended” rate shall be calculated by dividing the total projected 2013 premium billed the Conference by the General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits for clergy (and family) under appointment to local churches, staff, and disabled, an appropriate amount to cover unpaid premiums by local churches, and related administrative costs, by the number of “salary paying” units for the aforementioned categories. A 10% surcharge of the resulting rate will be added in accordance to the Retiree Health Benefit Legislation of 2001. A final adjustment shall be made, if necessary, to have the annual yearly rates divisible by 12. This base “blended” rate may be modified by Annual Conference action to include participant payment of premium.

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