RS - 118 - Advance Special Requests for 2013 - 2016 New England Annual Conference

Communications Department

April 08, 2012

(Submitted by Fay Flanary, Secretary of NEC Global Ministries)
Africa Planning Committee/ Africa Ministries           
Marion Grant
c/o NEUMC, 276 Essex Street
Lawrence, MA
Historically, the Africa Planning Committee has focused primarily on the West Angola Covenant relationship. Through this Africa Ministries Advance Special and program, the Africa Planning Committee is expanding its focus to help coordinate and connect the efforts of local churches in their various ministries with the people of many different African countries. Many local churches already have connections and ministries in and with Africa, and the Africa Planning Committee is helping to coordinate and communicate these ministries and the continued opportunities for involvement to the New England Conference. Those local churches and leaders involved in these ministries have committed to working with the Africa Planning Committee in these efforts.
Three specific ministries are currently being brought together under the Africa Planning Committee/Africa Ministries:
  • WEST ANGOLA COVENANT. ($25,000) Coordinator: Rev. Marion Grant, First United Parish, Everett MA. The Africa Planning Committee will continue to focus on the covenant relationship between our two conferences. Through this relationship, we have engaged and supported one another through prayer, exchange visits, and local church connections. Through the Advance Special, as well as the Together for Tomorrow funds, we support education and community development programs, vocational training, medical clinics and pastoral support. The West Angola Conference has also supported us through prayer, visits, and insight into church growth and steadfast examples of hope and faithfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  • NEW COVENANT UMC GHANA MISSION, Ntonso, Ghana. ($10,000) Coordinator: Rev. Gary Richards. The New Covenant UMC Ghana mission is established partnership with the Dunwell Methodist Church in Ntonso, Ghana. This partnership was formed in 2009 for the purpose of providing financial and material aid for the Dunwell Methodist Church and the church's newly constructed New Covenant United Methodist Preparatory School (nursery school.) Current projects include the construction of a bathroom facility on the church/school property, the provision of school supplies and bi-annual shipments of clothing. 2012 marks the beginning of mission team visits to partner with Dunwell Methodists in church and school supported projects. Developing partnerships include healthcare outreach and a future eye care clinic in Ntonso. New Covenant United Methodist Church is a multi-racial and cultural congregation with a growing Ghanaian membership.
  • BIKES NOT BOMBS - Amaru, Uganda, Village Health Worker Bike Project. ($5,000) Coordinator: Rev. Stewart Lanier, Church Hill United Methodist Church, Norwell MA. This project will supply volunteer Village Health Workers with bicycles, training and tools. It will make their patient visits more efficient and save lives. Amuru is a post conflict area of Northern Uganda with little social infrastructure. Bikes Not Bombs (BNB) has shipped over 44,000 bicycles to grassroots projects in the Global South since 1984. BNB recycles 6,000 bicycles each year, using them to supply a Boston-based Youth Programs, Bike Shop and international partners in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.
These ministries, as well as others as the Africa Planning Committee continues to connect with local churches already doing ministries in Africa, offer our churches in the New England Conference a myriad of ways to spread the gospel far and wide and engage in mission and ministry with our brothers and sisters in Africa.
Boston Seafarer’s Friend Society  
J. Loring Carpenter
77 Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150
Seafarer’s Friend is the face of humanity, the hand of friendship to the multitude of international seafarers who visit the ports of Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland. Through ship visiting chaplains and volunteers offer a caring a Christian hand of friendship to those who spend years away from family while providing essential goods for our economy and way of life. With increased security demands chaplains are also the means for seafarers to obtain shore access and have the chance to secure provision for the next journey. Often without the assistance of Seafarers Friend 25% of seafarers are not allowed shore access, resulting in many more months without the ability to stand on land. This present many emotional and spiritual issues that this mission addresses. Finally, the mission is a leader in advocating for basic seafarers rights, including shore access and communication to family in an industry that too often treat humans as mere pieces of equipment on a ship. Representing many Christian communities, we offer a hand of friendship in the name of Christ, seeking to address spiritual, emotional, social, and advocacy issues with those who sacrifice much for the benefit of us all.
Brockton Church & Community (BCC) After School Program
Laurie Morris/Donna Costa
65 West Elm St
Brockton, MA 02301
508 686 3939
An outgrowth of Local Mission of Central UM Church, with the assistance of Brockton Interfaith Community, the BCC (Brockton Church & Community) After School Program has been serving inner city elementary students for more than 14 years. Through the dedication of volunteers and the support of faith communities, business partners, foundations and individuals, the program charges no fee to participants. The primary goal is to help each child reach, maintain or surpass their grade level proficiency in math and language skills.
Camp Aldersgate                                            
Jennifer Carpenter
1043 Snake Hill Rd
N. Scituate, RI 02857
Camp Aldersgate seeks to fulfill its part in the body of Christ's ministry by giving campers and guests an experience that represents a world transformed by disciples of Jesus Christ. Aldersgate's programs equip campers, guests, and staff with tools needed to grow in their own spirituality and to proclaim the Good News in the world.
Over the past few years, Aldersgate has grown consistently in both campers and retreat guests served.
Funding provided through Advance Special donations will help to enable this growth to continue by providing funding to hire quality staff, keep facilities in good repair, reduce energy consumption, and ensure that programs have adequate space to continue their pattern of growth. This funding also enables us to keep camper and retreat rates lower for those who come to Aldersgate.
Camp Aldersgate Campership Fund                           
Jennifer Carpenter
1043 Snake Hill Rd
N. Scituate, RI 02857
The Camp Aldersgate Campership Fund helps to ensure that no camper is turned away from the camp experience because of inability to pay. We believe that the experience campers receive at Aldersgate is critical to their faith formation. In addition, roughly 1/3 of our campers every year are unchurched, and we provide a critical introduction to our faith to these campers.
Central Vermont Mission              
No amount                                       
David Murphy
49 Haggett Road
Montpelier, VT 05602
Central Vermont Mission provides opportunities for Volunteer in Mission teams from any geographic area to come to central Vermont to do work on homes needing repair and remodeling.
The Children’s Center                     
Rev. Jim Todd
35 Lowell Street
Methuen, MA 01844
The Children's Center is an ongoing ministry of The Christ United Methodist Church of Lawrence and is a self-supporting, non-profit and ecumenical ministry, adhering to the Judeo-Christian ethics and traditions with multi-ethnic awareness. The Children's Center is a 134 capacity group child care and school age program in Methuen, Massachusetts. We have committed ourselves to providing quality care and a nurturing Christian environment for children ages 4 weeks to 13 years. Our program has been servicing the Greater Lawrence Community for over 15 years. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the children enrolled in our program come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and the majority of them are from low income families. Most of the enrollment is supported by financial child care vouchers from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Our program is designed to provide a loving, warm, nurturing and safe environment for all children. Each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth and development. The curriculum and teacher interactions are responsive to individual difference in ability and interests. Different levels of ability, development and learning styles are expected, and used in planning activities that promote children's self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning. Our environment and classroom materials are set up to optimize each child's learning. Social, physical, emotional, creative, language and cognitive growth transpsire through child-initiated, teacher-supported play and a varaiety of integrated activities and interest areas that they prepare. Children participate in whole group and individual activities that are planned, spontaneous, child initiated and teacher directed.
Community Connexion                   
Justin Hildebrandt
1 Powder House Terrace
Somerville, MA 02144
Community Connexion will bring the Children's Defense Fund's Freedom School program to Somerville, Massachusetts in 2012 and seek to expand to other urban churches in subsequent years. The program's five essential components are: high quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, social action and civic engagement, intergenerational servant leadership development, nutrition, health and mental health.
Covenant Hills Christian Camp      
No amount                                       
Kelley Alderman
Covenant Hills Road
Cabot, VT 05647
 (802) 426-3340
Program Purpose - Provide a place away from the pressures and distractions of daily life where one can listen for and hear God's voice. Program - Summer camping for all age levels is offered and year round retreat facilities for interested groups is available. Statement of Operations and Inspection - Covenant Hills is jointly programmed by the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. The camp is licensed by the state board of health and is regularly inspected by authorized officials.
Down East Maine Missions            
David L. Grainger
839 Main St.
Calais, ME 04619
Down East Maine Missions (DEMM) seeks to enable and enhance the spiritual, cultural, and economic welfare and sustainability of Down East Maine communities. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program secures and provides accessibility for the regions at-risk housing stock. The Migrant Ministry provides spiritual and material aid to seasonal agricultural workers and new immigrants. Mission Wreath affords homebound persons and stay-at home parents an alternative income source and a fund development strategy for local congregations and other not-for-profits.
End 68 Hours of Hunger                 
Claire Bloom
PO Box 676
Somersworth NH 03878
(954) 304-1321     
End 68 Hours of Hunger confronts the 68 hours of hunger some school children experience between the free lunch they receive on Friday and the free breakfast they receive on Monday. 100% of donations are used to purchase food; all efforts are voluntary. The food is packed by volunteers into backpacks which are delivered to the schools. The school staff distributes the backpacks to the students most in need.
First Radio Parish Church of America                         
No amount                                       
Peter B. Panagore
One Congress Square
Portland, ME 04101
The First Radio Parish Church of America, established in 1926, is America's oldest continuous religious broadcast sharing God's good news of love from a subtle Christian perspective through original storytelling and offering inspirational encouragement with interfaith respect. We emphasize the unity of God's love for all people. We seek the sacred in the secular through story. is a Christian Mission that seeks to inspire faith and hope, build interfaith bridges, and recognize that deep faith and modern science are not incompatible.
Friends of NITCA                              
Kevin McNaley
40 Mount Hope Circle
Duxbury, MA 02332
781 258 1124
Friends of NITCA is a US based non-profit corporation formed in 1999 for the express purpose of supporting Fundacion NITCA,a non-profit based in Managua, Nicargua. The foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children. Programs include nutrition, hygiene, education, and health. Community development and family empowerment through education and work opportunities are a crucial part of the program.
Hope Acts           
Allen Ewing-Merrill
185 High St
Portland, ME 04101
207 899 2435
Hope Acts is a newly forming 501c3 organization formed in partnership with Hope.Gate.Way., a United Methodist community of faith in downtown Portland, Maine. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for persons of Portland’s urban peninsula by addressing needs for healthy living, housing security, and a hopeful economic future; and to strengthen neighborhoods to become safe places of hospitality, hope, and healing for all people. We are guided and inspired by a vision for a community where all people experience social, emotional, physical, economic, and spiritual well-being. Currently our ministry focus is threefold:
  • Recovery & Wellness ministries: We are cultivating hospitality, hope, and healing and developing a deep sense of community with people in recovery from addictions and others seeking a more positive path forward through such groups as a weekly art group called Artworks, a bi-weekly writing group, a weekly yoga group, a weekly meditation gathering, a bi-weekly Women’s Listening Circle, and a weekly knitting group. As we become known in downtown Portland as a center for recovery, we also host recovery groups led by other organizations, including a weekly All-Recovery Group, a support group for parents and families of addicts called Next Step Forward, and a Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (The Augustine Fellowship) group. Through a partnership with a local organization called Wayside Food Programs, we offer a free lunch every Tuesday and a free dinner every Thursday.
  • Immigration & Refugee ministries: As the Hope.Gate.Way. United Methodist community has welcomed a number of refugees from Burundi, we are putting infrastructure in place to be able to assist them. These young men have escaped violence and bloodshed in their own country, most of them barely escaping with their lives, many of them leaving wives and children behind, and they come with physical and emotional scars. We are assisting with security deposits so they can leave the homeless shelter for small efficiency apartments; with assistance in accessing the services of attorneys as they seek asylum; with winter clothing, English language skills, with French interpreters, with emotional support and mentoring, with furniture and household items, and more.
  • Affordable Housing ministries: In the year ahead, we intend to address issues of affordable housing. Partnering with other organizations, our goal is to help provide housing that is reasonably adequate in standard and location for low-income households and that allows individuals and families to be able to sustainably meet other basic needs, such as food and clothing. Future initiatives may include advocacy at the City and Neighborhood Association levels, and possibly working with a local real estate developer to purchase an apartment building in the neighborhood in an effort to offer affordable housing in a very tangible way.
Joyful Harvest Neighborhood Center          
Shay Stewart-Bouley
PO Box 447                                                                                    
Biddeford, ME 04005                                                                                 
Joyful Harvest is a faith based community outreach organization that makes a difference in the lives of families and youth by providing year round after-school and summer programming free of cost. It is through the programs offered by Joyful Harvest that we provide youth with a safe space to be in critical off school hours with caring relationships and structured activities through which participating youth develop self-confidence, self-esteem and the tools for breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues the community we serve.
Maine Christian Association: Campus Ministry at the University of Maine
Kate Nicol, Campus Minister
Wilson Center, 67 College Avenue
Orono, ME 04473
(207) 866-4227
The Maine Christian Association has been serving the University of Maine since World War II. Based at the Wilson Center, the mission of the Maine Christian Association is to provide an ongoing progressive campus ministry for the University of Maine community, through worship, study and service. An intentionally ecumenical, interdenominational student ministry, the Maine Christian Association is committed to creating an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and spiritual support, which celebrates human diversity, works for social justice and offers opportunities for spiritual growth. The campus minister’s responsibilities include leading weekly dinner and discussion, providing counseling for students, staff, faculty, and administrators, visiting local churches, offering worship, and connecting with other religious groups on campus. This campus ministry’s focus is on the three c’s: Connecting with God, Crossing boundaries, and Caring for others. 
JoAnn Carlotto
22 Leonard Ave.
Bradford, MA 01835-7919
MAPA began in 1992 as volunteer mission program in the small impoverished town of Paraiso located in Barahona, Dominican Republic. We continue to evolve in our work as a mutual ministry with the New England Conference and the Dominican Evangelical Church, which has strong connections with United Methodism. Review of the past and present, and planning for the future is done during the annual mission trip to Paraiso. This is the only time MAPA meets as a whole. Our goal is to provide an education in a school which models and teaches Christian living and God's unconditional love to any child over the age of two years. As we move into the present, we are emphasising and developing programs in nursery and pre-kindergarten education, tutoring of all grades, English lessons to people of all ages, and creating a computer lab to keep astride of the improvement of public education in the Dominican Republic. Undocumented student are welcome at the school, with the understanding that we are searching for documentation. The national free breakfast was altered from one half cup of milk and a roll, to powdered milk and raw grains (oatmeal and corn flower. Plans are in place to replace the stolen kitchen equipment so that the staff is able to prepare the breakfast, which may be the only meal of the day for some of our children. The annual MAPA mission trip, which is usually scheduled for the middle of February, is open to all persons. The estimated cost for the 10 days is $1500, excluding personal purchases.
Mechuwana Conference Camp   
Norman Thombs
PO Box 277
Winthrop ME 04364
(207) 377- 2924, 377-4388
Camp Mechuwana serves more than 2,000 people a year by providing a unique Christian environment. We offer more than 50 programs for youth, and adults during the summer. These programs introduce individuals to Christ and provide opportunities for those who already know Christ to spread his love to others. We have a vibrant year-round youth ministry for high school and middle school youth. We are a year-round camp and conference center offering more than 50 programs for people of all ages. We host close to one hundred groups during the year that expand our outreach ministry to thousands of people. We offer transformational ministries that allow people to continue or discover their Christian journey. For many young people the camping ministry is their first opportunity to be exposed to the teachings of Christ. As we come together creating a loving caring community, we share in the holy spirit of our God.
Methodist Conference Home, Inc
Lee Karker
46 Summer St
Rockland, ME 04841
Methodist Conference Home, Inc. (MCH) is dedicated to assisting individuals, primarily older adults and people with disabilities, to remain independent and active in their own homes and communities. Support is provided in the form of housing, transportation, meals, housekeeping and assistance with household chores.
Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter       
Betty Palmer
28 Ticonic St
Waterville, ME 04901-8082
207 872 8082
The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is a special place where homeless people are treated and referred to as guests. We have a modest home with 18 beds which we have lovingly renovated several times to make it as comfortable, clean, safe and friendly as possible. We are preparing to break ground for a new facility, which will house 40 guests, as well as a homelessness prevention and resource center. The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is a private, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors broadly representing the community including; clergy, business leaders, educators, health care professionals, social service providers, and volunteers. The shelter is open to guests from 6:00pm to 7:50am. 365 days a year. We serve breakfast and dinner daily. In addition, we open a food pantry every Friday to support homeless prevention. Our homeless singles are housed on the second floor of our shelter and our family unit is located on the first floor. We housed 19 adults and 7 children on average every day in 2009 utilizing our shelter and occasionally at our off-site emergency locations. During the winter we also have an emergency overflow shelter in the basement of a local church. Our Resource Specialist meets with each guest to guide them and help make a plan to ensure they are successful once they leave the shelter.
Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center                                        
Larry J. Peacock
660 Great Pond Rd
North Andover, MA 01845
Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center has been serving United Methodists of all ages for over 63 years by providing sacred space for retreats and meetings, picnics and programs. Churches, Conference agencies, and individuals have found a hospitable place that fosters conversation and worship, planning and learning, and prayer and play that encourages a deeper relationship with God and a commitment to serving Christ in the world. The historic 40 room estate on 38 lakefront acres, welcomes youth for special summer programs and offers 30 spiritual formation retreats and learning programs during the year for adults, including our new two-year training program in spiritual direction and our yearly day with the Bishop on Nurturing Passionate Spirituality. It is our hope that the programs, resources and experiences offered not only touch the individual but also bless the ministry of the local church. We welcome Advance Special gifts of all sizes. They are used to offer scholarships, underwrite programs, bring in leadership and improve our resources and services. Thank you for partnering with us in making a difference in the lives of individuals and churches.
Nicaragua Covenant and Ministry Partners/Nicaragua Planning Committee                   
Sandy Melius
410 Conant Rd
Weston, MA 02493
The Nicaragua Covenant was established in 1986 between the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church and the Churches of Christ [AICN] in Nicaragua. In recent years it was expanded to include connections with the Evangelical Methodist Church of Nicaragua, Fundacion NITCA and El Porvenir. Program support includes a one of a kind Mobile Health Clinic serving 60 communities, approximately 24,000 people, who otherwise would not have access to health/dental care. This clinic travels to Evangelical Methodist, AICN and non-denominational communities as far away as the mountains of Las Segovia and the RAAS on the Eastern coast. Our program support includes a variety of health, education and occupational training, feeding and nutrition, medical, and clean water programs. Every year Delegations travel to Nicaragua to become acquainted with these programs and to build relationships with the people connected to the Nicaragua Covenant ministry.
David Arruda
9 N Main St
Mansfield, MA 
508-207- 3117
Program purpose - to provide support, education, and funding to local churches to start missions ministries and awareness of the orphan/adoption crisis, and to help support existing like ministries and missions.
Michele DesRosiers
Market Street, Suite 201
Ipswich, MA 01938
Partners In Development, Inc. (PID) is a Christian-based non-profit humanitarian organization serving the extreme poor (those living on less than $1.25/day) in Haiti and Guatemala. Through child sponsorships, small business loans, our housing program and medical clinics, we strive to help those we serve attain independence and whole life improvement thus breaking the cycle of poverty.
Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence
Rev. Anne Marie Hunter
89 South Street, Suite 601
Boston, MA 02111
Safe Havens is an interfaith organization that promotes hope and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. Safe Havens is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of faith communities and service providers to engage in a coordinated effort to end domestic violence and elder abuse. Working as a bridge between service providers and faith communities, Safe Havens provides education, resources, advocacy, and technical assistance to improve access to services, foster leadership development, encourage community collaboration, and promote responsible action.
United Campus Ministry at Plymouth State University          
Margaret W. Bickford
PO Box 713
Plymouth, NH 03264
The campus minister(s), based on campus, provide counseling and spiritual support to university students and staff. Worship services, weekly and occasionally, are developed and led by both ministers and students. The campus ministers lecture in classes as invited; they are visible and accessible at the Student Union; they lead groups in Homelessness Awareness, Thanksgiving Food Basket distribution, and Social Justice projects.
United Methodist Elder Care         
Lauri Auer
40 Irving Ave
East Providence, RI 02914
401-438-4456 x139
United Methodist Elder Care is a not-for-profit organization that provides a continuum of senior living options for adults of modest means, age 62 and older. On our campus, we provide independent/assisted living in Winslow Gardens and skilled nursing and rehabilitation in Linn Health Care Center.
Wanakee United Methodist Center            
Michael Moore
75 Upper New Hampton Rd
Meredith, NH 03253
Since 1961, Wanakee United Methodist Center continues to provide a residential Christian camping experience for New England youth. Daily morning watches, Bible discoveries and campfire discussions help youth develop their spirituality. In addition, Wanakee supports the local church by providing low cost retreat facilities, giving youth and adult groups a chance to 'get away' and experience God's presence on retreat. Wanakee United Methodist Center offers youth a place to experience God with their peer in a safe and structured environment. Making Disciples is an important part of our ministry and we encourage honest discussion and sharing of faith. Our retreat facilities offer local churches a place to get away and focus on their needs.
WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe       
Larry Westin                                                                                  
c/o Corinna UMC                                                                                         
PO Box 41 Corrina, ME 04928                                                                                                  
207 278 2055
WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) in collaboration with strategic partners has embarked on providing vocational skills training to empower children and youths that have dropped outs with limited or no skills for living. Reports suggest that 220,000 children and youths of school-going age have dropped out of school in Zimbabwe, mainly due to poverty. Life had become meaningless for the younger generation who also have to face a shrinking job market and have limited or no options to make reasonable living possible. WCOZ Vocational Skills Training Programme makes it possible for the marginalized target group, to generate income for themselves. This makes it possible for them to play a meaningful role in providing adequately for themselves and for their families. The skills covered by WCOZ Training Programme include the following courses: Carpentry and joinery, welding and metal fabrication, garment construction, horticulture, animal husbandry, marketing skills and book keeping. The provision of empower tools is seen as an obligation, as “we are our brother’s keepers.” WCPZ has the mandate to care and to provide non formal and alternative education programmes as a strategy to set the stage for sustainable development and to eliminate the tendency for communities to develop dependency syndrome that usually characterized support offered in previous years in Zimbabwe. WCOZ prefers “giving tools and teaching people to fish so they can become fishermen.” One hundred youths have been registered to start training beginning in February 2012. Training duration is generally 4-6 weeks, and the programmes are on-going throughout the year. WCOZ has partnered with Harare Polytechnic College, an accredited institute of higher education in this endeavor. Thus training materials and courses have been tried and tested for generations. Trade testing is incorporated in the partnership package. WCOZ graduates will by the end of each course, receive recognized diplomas and are expected to start their own businesses. Follow-ups by WCOZ on its graduates is part of the ministry’s vision for continued support of the marginalized beyond the training period.
Worcester Evening Free Medical Service Program, Inc
Ronald Ramsay
Epworth UMC
64 Salisbury St
Worcester, MA 01609
The mission of the Worcester Evening Free Medical Service Program is to extend outreach and service to the greater Worcester community by providing free medical services (medical, eye, and ear care) walk-in program for individuals and families who do not have or cannot afford health/medical insurance.
United Methodist Economic Ministry         
Ms. Kay D. Webb
1458 Salem Rd
Salem Township, Maine 04983
UMEM assists the elderly, the disabled, low-income, unemployed and underemployed individuals and families to meet their basic needs. Many of our clients are single parents in need of many types of support. UMEM seeks to provide a safe, friendly and confidential atmosphere where clients feel comfortable to come and discuss their situations. By building relationships with our clients we feel we are uniquely placed to participate in their life journey by providing encouragement, support, mentoring and guidance.
UMEM provides a variety of vital services in Northern Franklin County region including: a thrift shop, a food cupboard, housing repairs, outreach services, crafting opportunities such as wreath making to supplement income, emergency assistance, referral services, emergency fuel, a back to school program, baby layettes, Christmas gifts for adults and children, nutritional information as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moscow United Methodist Theological Seminary (Russia)
Rev. Samuel Johnson
In addition to these Conference Advance Specials, the Conference approved RS-207 for the New England Annual Conference to form a partnership with the Moscow (Russia) United Methodist Theological Seminary. The Moscow UM Theological Seminary is a general church Advance

The goals of the partnership are:

  • raising $10,000 each year for at least five years, with all funds to be channeled through the General Board of Global Ministries Advance #12174A “Russia Seminary”
  • supporting the students, faculty and administrators through prayer and other possible identified means
  • sending a team to visit, to learn, and to do appropriate ministry with the Seminary and related ministries within the next three years
See the full resolution here: