Communications Department

June 05, 2014

(Submitted by The Rev. Brigid A. Farrell, District Superintendent, Vermont District)

WHEREAS the East Haven United Methodist Church located in East Haven Vermont, has existed for over 130 years with a long and proud history of mission and faithful ministry in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont; and

WHEREAS in their ongoing efforts to be faithful to God and responsible to their obligations they have re-created themselves several times over the years most recently in 2001 when they began to meet again on a regular basis in addition to maintaining their building and other missional and connectional responsibilities; and 

WHEREAS the membership of the East Haven Methodist Church, East Haven, Vermont has significantly decreased; and 

WHEREAS the remaining members have prayerfully considered the options for several years, including meeting with the District Superintendent and the Chair of the District Committee on Church Building and Location, exploring the possibilities and their viability; and

WHEREAS in October, 2012, those faithful members who had been caring for the building for several years unanimously gave thanks to Almighty God for their long history, celebrated their ministry and, citing the recent passing of their beloved pastor, Ted Ruggles,  who had helped them to come alive once more and a pastor whom they had sent into the ministry, decided that the time had come to close their doors one final time to say goodbye to the East Haven United Methodist Church, East Haven; and 

WHEREAS the District Superintendent, has recommended the Discontinuance of the East Haven United Methodist Church, East Haven, Vermont and has received consent from the presiding Bishop, a majority of the District Superintendents, and all proper Disciplinary requirements have been complied with, 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the East Haven United Methodist Church, East Haven, Vermont be declared discontinued effective January 1, 2013, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the building belonging to the East Haven United Methodist Church, East Haven, Vermont and any other assets and property belonging to said church which were not otherwise designated prior to the date of discontinuance, shall become the property of the Trustees of the New England Annual Conference, and that assets shall be deployed as directed by the Book of Discipline and the New England Conference policies.