Communications Department

April 10, 2014

(Submitted by Paul Hudson, Chair of the Committee on Rules)

Amend Rules of Order, Article IV[C], ROO, p.4 by addition of underlined items: 

 [C].  Resolutions and Reports submitted to NEC  requiring  action by the Annual Conference will be reviewed by the Agenda Committee based  on the following criteria:

     1. The Agenda Committee shall, before publication of the pre-Conference Book, review all Resolutions using the following criteria: 

 a.   Does the Resolution set out the action taken to present this matter for consideration?   The petition should set out:

       1). what body is submitting the resolution 

       2) the number of members present and voting on the petition’s submission;

       3). the number of “yeas” and the number of “nays”, the number of members abstaining and the number of members absent.  

        b. Will the Resolution proposed conflict with, or create a conflict, with the Book of Discipline, or with an Annual Conference Rule or policy?  Areas of perceived conflict shall be explored and justified in the petition. 

        c.. Does the proposal impact the work in progress by another New England Conference entity?   If yes, the submitting group shall notify all parties for possible consultation which may lead to a revised or substitute resolution.  The Agenda Committee may recommend a consultation to clarify or improve the resolution. The results of that process should accompany the proposed Resolution for publication. 

       d.  The Agenda Committee will assign a petition  complying with criteria above, to  one of the following categories.

  1)  The 100s category contains repeating and ongoing resolutions;

        2)  the 200s category contains proposed Resolutions which involve new significant change for the New England Conference or where explanatory information may be needed for clarity of purpose.

      3)  the 300s  category contains items related to the General Conference.

        e.   The Agenda Committee will then submit their work to the Conference Secretary for publication.