Communications Department

April 10, 2013

(Submitted by Rene Perez, District Superintendent, Central Massachusetts District)


WHEREAS Grace United Methodist Church located in Hopkinton, MA has existed for 10 years as a new congregation, starting in 2003 as a daughter congregation of First United Methodist Church in Westborough and having a remarkable history of commitment to local and world missions; and 

WHEREAS on January 16, 2013, at a special church conference and after much prayer, discernment and exploring other possibilities for ministry, the church members voted to discontinue; and

WHEREAS a final worship service of celebration and deconsecrating was held January 27, 2013, thanking God for the wonderful years of mission and ministry

WHEREAS according to ¶ 2549 of the 2012 Book of Discipline, and Grace UMC having properly considered other options for vital ministry, they have made recommendations as to the future use of their properties, furnishings, paraments, and other articles owned by the church; and

WHEREAS most of the current active members of Grace United Methodist Church plan to transfer their membership to various United Methodist Churches in the area; and

WHEREAS the 6.7 +/- acre parcel of vacant land given to Grace “to provide for the future site of a United Methodist Church in Hopkinton, Massachusetts,” is presently deeded to the New England Annual Conference; and 

WHEREAS the District Superintendent supports Grace United Methodist Church be discontinued and has received consent from the presiding bishop, the majority of the Cabinet and the District Board of Church Location and Building; 


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Grace United Methodist Church in Hopkinton, MA be discontinued as of January 31, 2013, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Conference Board of Trustees give the proceeds from the parcel of land to the Hebrews 11 Fund for the use of a New Church Start within the boundaries of the Central Massachusetts District as per the restrictions set on the original deed; and  

BE IT RESOLVED that the historic communion trays, originally owned by the Methodist Episcopal Church in Hopkinton, be presented at Annual Conference for its archives as a symbol of the legacy of the United Methodist Church in Hopkinton; and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that should any assets be discovered in future years, such assets shall be transferred to the New England Conference to be used as directed by the Discipline and the New England Annual Conference policies.