WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe

Communications Department

January 09, 2013

Larry Westin                                                                                  
c/o Corinna UMC                                                                                         
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WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) in collaboration with strategic partners has embarked on providing vocational skills training to empower children and youths that have dropped outs with limited or no skills for living. Reports suggest that 220,000 children and youths of school-going age have dropped out of school in Zimbabwe, mainly due to poverty. Life had become meaningless for the younger generation who also have to face a shrinking job market and have limited or no options to make reasonable living possible. WCOZ Vocational Skills Training Programme makes it possible for the marginalized target group, to generate income for themselves. This makes it possible for them to play a meaningful role in providing adequately for themselves and for their families. The skills covered by WCOZ Training Programme include the following courses: Carpentry and joinery, welding and metal fabrication, garment construction, horticulture, animal husbandry, marketing skills and book keeping. The provision of empower tools is seen as an obligation, as “we are our brother’s keepers.” WCPZ has the mandate to care and to provide non formal and alternative education programmes as a strategy to set the stage for sustainable development and to eliminate the tendency for communities to develop dependency syndrome that usually characterized support offered in previous years in Zimbabwe. WCOZ prefers “giving tools and teaching people to fish so they can become fishermen.” One hundred youths have been registered to start training beginning in February 2012. Training duration is generally 4-6 weeks, and the programmes are on-going throughout the year. WCOZ has partnered with Harare Polytechnic College, an accredited institute of higher education in this endeavor. Thus training materials and courses have been tried and tested for generations. Trade testing is incorporated in the partnership package. WCOZ graduates will by the end of each course, receive recognized diplomas and are expected to start their own businesses. Follow-ups by WCOZ on its graduates is part of the ministry’s vision for continued support of the marginalized beyond the training period.