Boston Seafarer's Friend Society

Communications Department

January 09, 2013


J. Loring Carpenter
77 Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150
Seafarer’s Friend is the face of humanity, the hand of friendship to the multitude of international seafarers who visit the ports of Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland. Through ship visiting chaplains and volunteers offer a caring a Christian hand of friendship to those who spend years away from family while providing essential goods for our economy and way of life. With increased security demands chaplains are also the means for seafarers to obtain shore access and have the chance to secure provision for the next journey. Often without the assistance of Seafarers Friend 25% of seafarers are not allowed shore access, resulting in many more months without the ability to stand on land. This present many emotional and spiritual issues that this mission addresses. Finally, the mission is a leader in advocating for basic seafarers rights, including shore access and communication to family in an industry that too often treat humans as mere pieces of equipment on a ship. Representing many Christian communities, we offer a hand of friendship in the name of Christ, seeking to address spiritual, emotional, social, and advocacy issues with those who sacrifice much for the benefit of us all.