Africa Planning Committee and Africa Ministries

Communications Department

January 09, 2013


Marion Grant
c/o NEUMC, 276 Essex Street
Lawrence, MA
Historically, the Africa Planning Committee has focused primarily on the West Angola Covenant relationship. Through this Africa Ministries Advance Special and program, the Africa Planning Committee is expanding its focus to help coordinate and connect the efforts of local churches in their various ministries with the people of many different African countries. Many local churches already have connections and ministries in and with Africa, and the Africa Planning Committee is helping to coordinate and communicate these ministries and the continued opportunities for involvement to the New England Conference. Those local churches and leaders involved in these ministries have committed to working with the Africa Planning Committee in these efforts.
Three specific ministries are currently being brought together under the Africa Planning Committee/Africa Ministries:
  • WEST ANGOLA COVENANT. ($25,000) Coordinator: Rev. Marion Grant, First United Parish, Everett MA. The Africa Planning Committee will continue to focus on the covenant relationship between our two conferences. Through this relationship, we have engaged and supported one another through prayer, exchange visits, and local church connections. Through the Advance Special, as well as the Together for Tomorrow funds, we support education and community development programs, vocational training, medical clinics and pastoral support. The West Angola Conference has also supported us through prayer, visits, and insight into church growth and steadfast examples of hope and faithfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  • NEW COVENANT UMC GHANA MISSION, Ntonso, Ghana. ($10,000) Coordinator: Rev. Gary Richards. The New Covenant UMC Ghana mission is established partnership with the Dunwell Methodist Church in Ntonso, Ghana. This partnership was formed in 2009 for the purpose of providing financial and material aid for the Dunwell Methodist Church and the church's newly constructed New Covenant United Methodist Preparatory School (nursery school.) Current projects include the construction of a bathroom facility on the church/school property, the provision of school supplies and bi-annual shipments of clothing. 2012 marks the beginning of mission team visits to partner with Dunwell Methodists in church and school supported projects. Developing partnerships include healthcare outreach and a future eye care clinic in Ntonso. New Covenant United Methodist Church is a multi-racial and cultural congregation with a growing Ghanaian membership.
  • BIKES NOT BOMBS - Amaru, Uganda, Village Health Worker Bike Project. ($5,000) Coordinator: Rev. Stewart Lanier, Church Hill United Methodist Church, Norwell MA. This project will supply volunteer Village Health Workers with bicycles, training and tools. It will make their patient visits more efficient and save lives. Amuru is a post conflict area of Northern Uganda with little social infrastructure. Bikes Not Bombs (BNB) has shipped over 44,000 bicycles to grassroots projects in the Global South since 1984. BNB recycles 6,000 bicycles each year, using them to supply a Boston-based Youth Programs, Bike Shop and international partners in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.
These ministries, as well as others as the Africa Planning Committee continues to connect with local churches already doing ministries in Africa, offer our churches in the New England Conference a myriad of ways to spread the gospel far and wide and engage in mission and ministry with our brothers and sisters in Africa.