RS - 102 - Offerings at 2012 Annual Conference

Communications Department

April 15, 2012

(Submitted by Bonnie Marden and Jim McPhee for the Agenda, Worship and Planning Teams)

WHEREAS, in recognition of God’s abundant love and grace in our lives, our holy Conferencing includes Offerings and In-Gatherings, and

WHEREAS, these Offerings and In-Gatherings demonstrate the strength of our commitment to local, national and international mission and ministries, and

WHEREAS, supporting the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund enables our leadership to respond to opportunities as we unite in trust and support our vision to boldly proclaim Christ to the world;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 2012 New England Annual Conference include:

1. an In-Gathering of School Supplies during the Opening worship,
2. an Ordination Service Offering to support the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund, 
3. an Offering during Friday evening’s Celebration of Ministry to support Scholarships for Mission Volunteers, and 
4. a Saturday Service Offering to support the Imagine No Malaria campaign.

Furthermore, the Conference Council on Youth Ministries challenges each church to bring a check for a minimum of $25.00 for the Penny/Check Challenge to fund youth ministry and the Youth Service Fund.  Awards will be presented!

Additional In-Gatherings
  • UMCOR Health kits collected during Conference in the UMCOR van located in the Chapel parking lot. For instructions, contact Rosemary McNulty
  • "Give a Phone . . . Save a Life"
  • The New England Annual Conference, in partnership with Safe Havens, will be gathering used cell phones to be reprogrammed for emergency use by victims of domestic violence or recycled to support Safe Havens' work to end domestic violence.   Collection Box located in Chapel Foyer
  • Nicaragua Covenant will collect fabric and sewing goods at Chester’s Place, Lane Student Center and is seeking matching funds for water projects
Individuals and congregations are encouraged to respond enthusiastically to invitations to support the Nicaragua Covenant, the West Angola Covenant and the Imagine No Malaria campaign during the Conference and coming year.  Thank you!

Comments and Questions before Annual Conference are encouraged.
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