RS - 101 - Minimum Cash Salary

Communications Department

April 16, 2012

(Submitted by the Commission on Equitable Compensation)

Following are the proposed minimum salaries for the year 2013 which represent a baseline cost of living increase (approximately 50% of the Cost of Living increase as indicated by the Consumer Price Index for 2011, which was 2.9%)

Full Time Elder, Probationer, Permanent Deacon, or Associate Pastor $37,450
Full Time Local Pastor $33,875
Additional for Years of Service as of Jan 1, 2013  
From 3 to 5 Years under appointment  $600
From 6 to 10 Years under appointment $1,200
From 11 to 15 Years under appointment $1,500
Over 15 years under appointment $2,000

Based on the recommended minimum of $37,450 and $ 33,875 respectively and the approval of the minimum amount by Conference action, the following maximum grant amounts would be permitted:

Category Full Time Elder, Probationer, Permanent Deacon, or Associate Pastor Full Time Local Pastor
Minimum Salary Grant $7485 $6775
Strategic Salary Grant $9360 $8470

Minimum Cash Salary Grants are awarded for no more than three years, with the amount of the grant size decreasing with each successive year. The condition of the grant is that congregations will engage in a strategic plan to increase revenues and/or decrease expenses to balance their budgets and eliminate the need for this grant. Congregations are also expected to increase their participation in the Mission Share activity of the Annual Conference, with a goal of 100% participation. Grants are scheduled as follows:

Year 1: Award is up to 100% of the maximum grant size
Year 2: Award is up to 65% of the maximum grant size
Year 3: Award is up to 35% of the maximum grant size
Strategic Cash Salary Grants are awarded on a four-year decreasing basis. A strategic plan must accompany this application. In succeeding years, a progress report that speaks to the strategic plan submitted in the first year must accompany the application. Following is the schedule for Strategic Grants:
Year 1: Up to 100% of the maximum grant size
Year 2: Up to 75% of the maximum grant size
Year 3: Up to 50% of the maximum grant size
Year 4: Up to 25% of the maximum grant size
Missional Cash Salary Grants are also available for new congregations and those defined as missions. Please check the conference website for applications and detailed definitions. 
Reimbursable Accounts
The Commission on Equitable Compensation in an effort to remain current with prevailing trends across the denomination, and in keeping with IRS regulations, proposes the following minimum amounts for Reimbursable Accounts (Professional Expenses, Continuing Education and Travel) for Full Time Pastors in 2012 for a total in reimbursables of at least $2,900: (An increase of $150 over 2012).
Professional Expenses $700
Continuing Education $650
Travel   $1550
Considering that pastors in different parts of the Conference have different needs, the Commission recommends that these amounts be interchangeable.
In some instances and for very particular reasons, pastors and congregations make arrangements for compensation and benefits that are outside of the requirements outlined in this resolution. The Commission appreciates that such arrangements are warranted on occasion, and are in the best interest of the parties involved. However in order to maintain the integrity of the compensation and benefits system, the Commission recommends that: 
  • The specifics of such arrangements be spelled out in a Memorandum of Understanding that limits the conditions to one year. 
  • The MOU be signed by the Pastor, the District Superintendent, and the SPRC Chair. 
  • The MOU be reviewed and renewed annually. 
  • Such arrangements have no impact on compensation and benefits packages to be negotiated for future appointments.

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