Bishop Johnson prays for our districts

During her tenure in New England, Bishop Peggy A. Johnson will pray for a different district each week. She writes:

One of my favorite hymns that the Deaf Choir of Christ UMC of the Deaf signed while I was their pastor was “Standing in the Need of Prayer.”  Simple and repetitive, it stressed the importance of prayer with an emphatic sign “need” with a large sweeping motion. All of us most definitely are “standing in the NEED of prayer.”  

I am strongly convinced that prayer is the most important resource we have for life and ministry, and I can testify to its power a hundred times over. It is with that conviction that I will be praying for a different district every week. I will be lifting up the names of churches, pastors and lay leaders and I invite you to email to me your joys and concerns if you wish. This will enable to me to pray even more specifically.  

We live in challenging times, and we need to “take it to the Lord in prayer.” The overwhelming good we experience from God’s gracious hand also needs celebrating as well as the many answered prayers. Please join me in prayer for the conference, for our churches, for our witness in the world. 

Beginning Jan. 8-14, 2023, Bishop Johnson will pray for the Katahdin District, then the other districts in the order below:

Katahdin District
Many Waters District
Green Mountain District
Granite District 
Commonwealth West District 
Commonwealth East District 
Seacoast District 

Send your joys and concerns by Friday for the following week to We will include a reminder in each week’s e news.