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The New England Conference clergy (those with a 3/4 time appointment or more) and conference staff are eligible for health insurance and other benefits covered in this section.

Health coverage

Clergy and Conference staff (younger than 65) health benefits:

For HealthFlex Blue Cross Blue Shield (under age 65 coverage) – please call the Wespath toll free at (800) 851-2201, press "2" for HealthFlex benefits, then press "1" for medical and pharmacy, then press "0" to get the health team, or email them at

Clergy and Conference staff (65 and older) health benefits:

For questions about United HealthCare Group Medicare Advantage PPO Plan (age 65 and over) and those who are disabled and on Medicare, contact your DirectPath Advocate or visit the website at DirectPath. You can also visit the United Healthcare website member sign-in page at

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Active pastors and conference staff with health insurance coverage may have a personal contribution for their health insurance plan, known as the health insurance co-pay.  The insurance premium co-payment will be determined by the health, dental and vision plans elected during the annual election period in the fall of every year.  The health insurance premium co-payment is a pre-tax payroll deduction.  Other accounts that have a pre-tax payroll deduction include Flexible Spending Accounts: Health Care and or Dependent Care Accounts and Health Savings Account.


Wespath Benefits and Investments administers the retirement plans for United Methodist clergy and lay staff:

Clergy pension benefits

Lay-employee retirement benefits

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For churches

New England Conference Health Coverage Policy — mandates all charges receiving full-time or three-quarter time appointment of a pastor(s) be assessed the blended rate of Health Insurance.

The blended rate is a set charge for health insurance billed to the church approved by the annual conference regardless of contract type. Every church pays the same blended rate of health insurance premium.  The blended rate assists the local church in budgeting and financial planning.  The premium may be split between churches served by the three-quarter time or full-time pastor.