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You will need your unique voter ID


Annual Conference members
who wish to make amendments
should use the form linked here:

Resolution Amendment Form

GNTV help website

GNTV Tech support

Online: call or text 
Onsite: contact a teller

2023 Annual Conference

This information is for the 2023 New England Annual Conference hybrid session and 2023 Clergy Session.

Those attending in person and online will use the same electronic system to vote and to get recognized. The following information will help you understand the processes. 

Voter training

In the video above, GNTV's David Wood goes over the procedures for how to cast your vote and how to enter the Get Recognized queue to be able to speak on the floor of the Annual Conference session. Both those attending online and those at the session in person will use these processes to vote and be recognized by the presider. There will be a short review live at the start of the Annual Conference session as well. 

Making amendments

From the Conference Secretary:

Members proposing amendments to legislation are asked to enter their names into the queue using the Get Recognized platform, then to use this document to type in the text of your amendment:

Please submit the text of your amendment into the Google Doc found here


There are no separate voting machines or devices. You will need to have your own smart phone, tablet and/or computer to vote or enter the get recognized queue.

If you do not have a smart phone, tablet or computer there was a place to indicate that on your AC registration.

If you have completed your registration, but find you need assistance getting equipment, contact Annual Conference Registrar Joy Mueller at as soon as possible.

Voter ID

Each voting member will have a unique voter ID. GNTV will send this information directly to registered voting members (you must register by May 19 to get voting credentials). Voter IDs are expected to be emailed on or around June 2, 2023. The email will come from

More information

Additional links and instructional PDFs you can download/print can be found at the GNTV help webpage
During the session, online: use the tech support line 478-245-4042; onsite: contact a teller.