Many Waters District Leadership

Work in Progress with New District

District Lay Leaders

  • Para 660     Criteria:  Professing member of a Local Church, provide training of local church lay leaders, responsible for fostering awareness of the role of the laity both within the congregation and through their ministries in the home, workplace, community and world.  Shall be elected to AC for not less than 4 years.
  • Carol Crothers, Pleasant St UMC Waterville (2019)                    
  • Rich Hughen (through 2020) Thornton Heights, Portland
  • Sharon Merrill, Bolster’s Mills UMC, Harrison (2019)  Associate District Lay Leader


District Leadership Team: Meets 3x, one in longer retreat & planning format, one calendar/coordination; one leadership development/nominations Convener: ______________


District Lay Servant Ministries Committee 

  • Para: 668   Criteria: Able to plan, supervise programs in the district, including Lay Servant Ministry and Certified Lay Ministry.   Members include DLL, DS, and Instructor of LS courses. 
  • Anne Carter (Director para. 668),
  • Anna Jean Alexander (CLM), Bolster’s Mills UMC, Harrison
  • Claire Piddock, Readfield UMC, in CLM process
  • Rev. Stephen Bascom,
  • Ginifer Giddings (laity, certified candidate, North Pownal)
  • Robert Olson, Church on the Cape UMC (Cape Porpoise)
  • Cheryl Roberts pending disaffiliation decision   
  • Peter Rumery, Cornerstone UMC
  • Karen L. Munson (DS)


Committee on the District Superintendency

  • Para 669­­­­­­­­­­     Criteria: Membership should be - 11 members, including DLL, 2 persons appt. by DS, 2 laywomen, 2 laymen, 2 clergy, 2 alternatives. All laypersons shall be professing members active in a local church.   At least three of the eleven shall be clergy and seven shall be laypersons. PURPOSE: shall be to support the DS in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church with special reference to the district where the DS has responsibilities.
  • Designate subgroup as Parsonage Committee


  • Rev. Kathleen Decker Szakas, Gardiner, Chairperson                                                               
  • Rev. Elizabeth Bachelder Smith, Lisbon Falls                                 
  • Rev. Angela Rotherham, Wayne Community 2019
  • Pastor Laura Church                                                                               


  • Carol Crothers, MW LL                                                                          
  • Joel Irish, Auburn UMC (2016 LM)
  • Karen Mitchell, DS appoint 2018
  • Joan Humphrey 
  • Beverly Staples, lay woman, West Kennebunk
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD              


District Congregational Development team work closely with location and building

Teams of 6-8 clergy and laity with very focused task to identify 2-3 churches each year that could come alive, move forward off plateau, with support. Reach out to churches. Become group that runs Possibilities Studies. Begin to identify churches at Legacy stage –partner with District Finance Team. Begin to identify areas for training, Resource Days. Work with District Building and Location Committee on potential new ministry starts

  • TBD

District Ministry Team:   

Plans and Implements events:  evangelical, worship, educational, fellowship so that churches and their leaders are inspired and equipped to seek and serve Christ with excellence.

  •                 TBD

District Finance Team:     Mission Share Relief monitoring,  1-2 Equitable Compensation monitor            

  • _____________ Chair
  • Skip Young 

  • Aaron Chrosfowsky 

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

District Board of Church Location and Building

  • Para: 2518 & 2519  Criteria: 6 Minimum /9 Maximum:  1/3 Clergy; 1/3 Laymen; 1/3 Laywomen

Clergy                                                                   Laymen                                                                 Laywomen

Ned Crockett     (clergy)                              Larry Perkins                                                      Carol Johnson

Ed Bove                (clergy)                                Les Priest                                                            

TBD        (clergy)                                                Brian Church

                                                                                   Steve Hill

                                                                                   Tony Landsperg

                                                                                   Marc Chaput


 District Committee on Ordained Ministry

  • Para 666   At least 3 professing members of local churches, a representative from Board of Ordained Ministry; District Superintendent, at least 6 other clergy – elders & deacons, a deacon or elder age 35 or younger, an associate member, and one local pastor who has completed Course of Study. 

Laity                                                       Elders                                                                                      Deacon or Local pastor

Dan Hall                                               Thom Blackstone (Chair, BOM)   YES                    Lynn Briggs, LLP (1 yr)

Sue Spaulding, (reg team)          Sharon Lovejoy (reg team)                          

Ellen Jackson, Portland               Annie Baker Streevy (elder under 35)

Noni Prince, CLM                            Taeseob Cho, Portland

TBD                                                          Ho Soon Han, Cape Porpoise (1 yr)BOM)

                                                                   Sharon Miesel, Berwick  (1 yr)                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wes Palmer, Wells


UMC Related Ministries within Many Waters:

  • United Methodist Economic Ministry Board:  Dan Dolan (interim President)
  • Kents Hill School Chaplain:  Rev. Myung eun Park
  • Empire Grove:  Rev. Stan Tanner
  • Maine Wesleyan Board: Alane O’Connor, Pamela Gleason Bird, Mary Jernigan, Nancy Russell,  Karen Munson, Joel Munson
  • Camp Mechuwana Site Committee: Amy Story