Church Conferences



2022 Meetings

The District Superintendent will meet with each pastor and SPRC (Staff Parrish Relations Committee) via Zoom in 2022. 

As it is not possible for Rev. Kang to preside at every church conference, Elders will preside at some conferences, and will be in touch with pastors in September to schedule. 

All SPRC and Church Conference forms should be emailed to the district office at least two weeks prior to your scheduled meetings (see list below)


SPRC Meeting w/ DS - Church Conference (different date) w/ Elder presiding 

All SPRC meetings have been scheduled. A District Elder will be in touch soon to schedule your church conference.  This list will be updated as Elders share meeting dates. 

Please use this link to join your scheduled meeting on the appropriate date: 

Topic: SPRC Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 993 3668 6801
Passcode: 012252

SPRC & Church Conference - DS presiding

SPRC meetings and Church Conferences have been scheduled. 

Please use this link to join your scheduled meeting on the appropriate date:


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 923 3885 3156
Passcode: 646523


Please do not copy forms that you have used in the past. Download the new forms from our website (link below) so that you are using the correct version. 

The following forms are required two weeks prior to your SPRC meeting with the DS:

2023 Pastoral Compensation Form 

Housing Allowance Exclusion Designation new format (if applicable)

The PARSONAGE INSPECTION REPORT is required in 2022. Please make sure your Trustees schedule an inspection and complete the paperwork at least two weeks prior to your SPRC meeting with the DS. Thank you!

Helpful Resources for filling out compensation forms:

2023 Pastoral Compensation Guide

Pension Calculation website: benefits (includes the 2023 Calculator; 2023 Pension Calculation Example; 2023 Health Insurance Rate Information). 

2022 - ALL FORMS ARE DUE TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR CHURCH CONFERENCE: Because  conferences will be scheduled virtually in 2022, it is imperative that we receive your church conference packets with all required forms two weeks prior to your church conference.  It is also important that you submit any additional business items that need approval (ministry candidates, etc.) to our office two weeks prior. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Whenever possible, please email forms to our office: If you cannot email, please mail forms to Granite District Office, P.O. Box 712, Merrimack, NH 03054

These are the church conference forms we will be looking for within your church conference packet:

PRINT THIS - Checklist for GRD Forms Required at Church Conferences

PRINT THIS - Guidance for GRD Forms Required at Church Conferences 

Links to download all of the above forms may be found HERE

You may send these forms to our office  individually, or as part of your church conference packet (one pdf form). Since all church conferences will be held virtually, you will need to be able to share packets with your participants. One electronic version with all forms included may be the easiest way to share with your church people, and is the preference of the district office. 

2022 CHURCH CONFERENCE WORSHIP GUIDE AND SCRIPT - The church conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work. Please prepare a worship guide for each attendee. 

  • The Leader's Worship Guide is for the pastor and presiding leader and includes instructions for preparation and for the conference.

             2022 Leader's  Worship Guide -  .docx format (editing version) 

             2022 Leader's  Worship  Guide - .pdf format (recommended for Mac users) 

             2022 Participant's Worship Guide - .docx format (editing version) 

             2022 Participant's Worship Guide - .pdf format (recommended for Mac users) 

             2022 Business Agenda - .pdf (these items correspond with the printable checklists above) 

             Booklet Cover - Beloved Community Logo 


Due ONE WEEK AFTER church conference:

Signed - 2023 Pastoral Comp

2022 Church Conference Minutes

2023 Church Leadership Report (this format please)