Worship Materials

The church conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work. 

Church Conference Leader's Worship Guide (Wordpdf version (recommended for Mac users)

  • The Leader's Worship Guide is for the pastor and presiding elder and includes instructions for preparation and for the conference.

Church Conference Worship Guide full-page (Wordpdf version (recommended for Mac users)

  • For attendees

Church Conference 2020 PowerPoint (in pdf to reduce file size): The presider will use this slide show to accompany the script. Included are the prayers and responses for the participants. The songs and the “Recorded voices” litany are videos that do not function in this pdf.  The four slides with black backgrounds (4, 6, 20, 26) are the videos.  You do not need to provide musical accompaniment since it is pre-recorded.

  1. Welcome (3:38); voice and instruments with captions (slide 4)

  2. Recorded Voices from around the conference (3:35) (slide 6)

  3. A Place at the Table (1:19); voice and instruments with captions; Two verses (slides 20 and 26)

Please note that the presider will present the Church Conference 2020 PowerPoint only.  If you wish to share your screen to present documents specific to your church's Church Conference, the presider can make you a co-host.  If you wish to see/access the actual PowerPoint file in advance, contact Allyson for the link.


  • For possible inclusion in printing or Power Point presentation