Church Conferences 2020

  • All SPRC meetings and Church Conferences will be held virtually via Zoom.

    • Zoom access info will be provided.

    • Attendees without internet access can call into the church conference with the Zoom access information.  Please note that the phone call is not free.  Churches can provide printed materials for these attendees in advance.

    • Reports should reflect the actual status/situation of the reporting person/committee.  This may mean that reports will be shorter than usual.  The expectation is since the pandemic has affected all aspects of everyday life, it will also be referenced in the church conference reports.

  • The church conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work.  See Worship Materials.

  • For forms and due dates, go to Documents.

  • There will be no parsonage inspections. If there is a concern with a parsonage, please contact the DS.

  • To schedule or confirm your church's Church Conference time, go to Schedule.