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Ministry Exploration Summit

If you are just beginning to explore your call to ministry, plan to join a New England Conference Ministry Exploration Summit. A summit is a gathering of folks in the early stages of candidacy or discernment as well as experienced Clergy and Laypersons from the different ministry paths. Anyone interested in lay, licensed or ordained ministry is welcomed and encouraged to join one of these events. Participation in a Summit is required to become a Certified Candidate or a Certified Lay Minister. Participation in a summit fulfills the "Orientation to Ministry" requirement. Summits are usually offered twice each year (typically January and September).

Ministry Exploration Summit Facts

Next Summit Date:  not scheduled at this time, best estimation of the Registrar is April or May 2022
Info and Registration forms will be posted here once the next Summit is scheduled.
Questions? Contact the BOM Registrar, or (603) 892-0359

Local Pastor Licensing School (LPLS)

Candidates for licensed pastoral ministry must complete Local Pastor Licensing School unless they have previously completed at least 1/3rd of an approved Master of Divinity program. Licensing School requires 80 hours of instruction. You must be present and participate in all sessions (in-person and online) as well as submit all assigned work on time to successfully complete the program. The New England Conference offers Local Pastor Licensing School once per year. To register, read the Brochure and Registration Form document in full and return the completed form to the Registrar with your payment.  You must be a Certified Candidate and your District Superintendent must sign page 2 of the Registration Form.


The 2022 New England Licensing School schedule has been REVISED December 2021!   The new schedule is ALL ONLINE and begins on Sunday, Jan 16th. the rest of the sessions will be on Saturday mornings.  Please read the Registration Form and Brochure  for the dates and times as well as other important information.  

LPLS 2022 REGISTRATION FORM revised December 2021


Questions? Contact the LPLS Registrar, or (603) 892-0359


New Pastor Orientation (NPO)


This training event is for folks who have not successfully completed a Local Pastor Licensing School, but who are going to be serving under a License for Pastoral Ministry (Local Pastors and Provisional Elders). If at least one-third of a Master of Divinity degree has been completed, the licensing school requirement is fulfilled by attending the New Pastor Orientation. If you have already completed Local Pastor Licensing School, you do not need to attend the NPO unless your dCOM has required it. The New Pastor Orientation is held once per year, usually in late May or June.


The 2022 New Pastor Orientation (NPO) has not been scheduled at this time. 
Info and registration will be posted here upon scheduling, but please go ahead and reach out to the Registrar now if you think you will need the next class. Thank you!
Questions?  Contact the Registrar, or (603) 892-0359.

Course of Study (COS)

The Course of Study (COS) is the required continuing education for Local Pastors. These courses must be taken from an approved school. Please see the school lists below. There are 20 required courses shown in this COS Chart.

PANDEMIC NOTE: online COS courses will be counted as residential for spring, summer and fall 2020 as well as spring 2021. In other words they will not count against the maximum of 10 online courses.


COS Facebook page for information from GBHEM

For COS information, registration, or scholarships:


COS Registration Signatures
 Please note that COS registration does REQUIRE the proper signatures for registration. Please see the recent statement of the COS policies regarding permission to take and receive credit for COS courses. After your DS has signed your COS registration form, send your form to the New England LP Registrar using the contact information listed above. If you would like the LP Registrar to mail your registration on to the school or back to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your letter. You may send your form electronically using email and the LP Registrar will email the signed form back to you.

COS Scholarships Scholarships for Local Pastors taking Course of Study are limited to $250 per course for a maximum of two courses per year (maximum total of $500 per year). If your COS school required you to pay the full tuition upfront, send your grade report/transcript to the LP Registrar (contact info listed above) along with a note requesting the scholarship.

COS Progress
As per the BOD, until the COS curriculum (20 courses) is completed, part-time local pastors should take two courses per year and full-time local pastors should take four courses per year. If this schedule is not possible, a local pastor should discuss this with their dCOM. If there is a reason adequate progress cannot be reasonably made, the dCOM may submit a request to the BOM for a 1-year extension. This is an annual request and, therefore, must be re-submitted if the issue persists into another year. COS Extension Form - dCOM to BOM

Graduate Theological Education

Provisional Leadership Academy


The provisional member's ministry during the residency period establishes lifelong patterns.  This is a time when excellence in ministry is modeled and nurtured by clergy mentors, teachers, and supervisors.  The expectation is that patterns of excellence fostered through mentoring, continuing theological education, covenant groups, and supervision will yield effectiveness in ministry.  Additional information on each of these areas can be found in the Provisional Leadership Academy Guide, prepared by the Board of Ordained Ministry.


Mentor Training


For info about mentor training, click here.


Continuing Education for the Ordained


Information about continuing Ed for Ordained persons can be found at this link.