Dates and Deadlines: Annual Conference


May 18

Registration for Annual Conference ends; no onsite registration.

June 3

Deadline to remove an item/s from the Consent Calendar
To remove an item/s from the Consent Calendar the signed form must be returned to the Conference
Secretary by 5 p.m. on June 3, 2022. 
The standard form is included in the Pre-Conference Materials PDF and bound booklet.

June 8

Petition for Excuse from attending part or all of 2021 Annual Conference session due, in writing by email
to the Conference Secretary 

June 9-11

2022 New England Annual Conference session online via Zoom and Livestream

June 24

Material due for 2022 Annual Conference Journal to the Conference Secretary


March 1

Equalization Member Names submitted by email to Conference Secretary, via District offices. MS-Word,
format: Calibri, 11 point.
Conference Secretary 

March 15

Lay Member Names posted in NEUMC database by or via District offices.
Conference Secretary 

April 1

Annual Conference reports (not more than 700 words), proposed resolutions, agenda items, or any
other information to appear in the Pre-Conference Materials are due. Submit by email in MS-Word,
format: Calibri, 11 point.
Conference Secretary at
Agenda Committee at

April 1

Nominating Biographies for Episcopal Election, (not more than 200 words) for inclusion in Pre-
Conference Report are due. Submit by email in MS-Word, format: Calibri or Arial 11

April 1

Legislation or Presentation Descriptions for the Annual Conference Session (not including reports that
are only to be published in Pre-Conference Materials or Journal), please describe the topic and general
Agenda Steward

May 1

Early bird registration for Annual Conference ends

May 10

PowerPoint slides/Presentation materials for the AC session These must be pre-tested at Conference
prior to presentation (need to be submitted one month before Conference begins).
Communications Director 

May 25

Districts complete posting names & contact information of Equalization members in NEUMC database.
Conference Secretary 

June 8-10

2023 New England Annual Conference session, Manchester, NH