Dates and Deadlines: Annual Conference


May 31

Online registration for Annual Conference ends

June 4

Deadline to remove an item/s from the Consent Calendar

To remove an item/s from the Consent Calendar the signed form must be returned to the Conference Secretary by 5 p.m. on June 4, 2021.  Find a fillable PDF version of this form. The standard form is included in the Pre-Conference Materials PDF and bound booklet.

June 9

Petition for Excuse from attending part or all of 2021 Annual Conference session due, in writing by email to the Conference Secretary

June 10-12

2021 New England Annual Conference session online via Zoom and Livestream

June 27

Material due for 2021 Annual Conference Journal to the Conference Secretary.


Feb. 15, 2022

All proposed agenda items, etc. or any other information to appear in the Pre- Conference Materials are due. (Note that reports for publication in the Pre-Conference Materials or Conference Journal are due to the Conference Secretary on or before April 1 – see below for requirements).
Agenda Steward

March 1

Equalization Member Names submitted by email to Conference Secretary, via District offices. MS-Word, format: Calibri, 11 point.
Conference Secretary

March 15

Lay Member Names posted in NEUMC database by or via District offices.
Conference Secretary

April 1

All Annual Conference reports, (not more than 700 words) proposed resolutions, or any other information to appear in the Pre-Conference Materials are due. Submit by email in MS-Word, format: Calibri, 11 point.

Agenda Committee at

April 1

Nominating Biographies for Episcopal Election, (not more than 200 words) for inclusion in Pre-Conference Report are due. Submit by email in MS-Word, format: Calibri or Arial 11

April 1

Legislation or Presentation Descriptions for the Annual Conference Session (not including reports that are only to be published in Pre-Conference Materials or Journal), please describe the topic and general concepts.
Agenda Steward

May 1

Early bird registration for Annual Conference ends

May 10

PowerPoint slides/Presentation materials for the AC session These must be pre-tested at Conference prior to presentation (need to be submitted one month before Conference begins). Communications Director

May 25

Districts complete posting names & contact information of Equalization members in NEUMC database.
Conference Secretary

 June 9-11

2022 New England Annual Conference session, Manchester, NH