2019 - 2020 Church Conference

The Fall 2019 Church Conference Schedule please click the link below;

Church Conference Schedule


The church conference format is one of Holy Conferencing where the business agenda is blended into worshipful work. Please prepare a worship guide for each attendee. There are 2 format options for the attendees' guide: full-page or booklet. The Leader's Worship Guide is for the pastor and presiding elder and includes instructions for preparation and for the conference.

Worship Guides


Click on these links to download or view the documents:

Church Conference Leaders' Worship Guide  (Word)    pdf version  (recommended for Mac users) 

Church Conference Worship Guide (full-page - Word)    pdf version    (recommended for Mac users)

Church Conference Worship Guide 2 (half-page for booklet printing -Word)    pdf version (to print pdf, choose "Booklet" under Page Sizing & Handling on the Print page)