2019 Mid Maine District Leadership

Mid Maine Leadership 2019

Rev. Dr. Karen Munson, District Superintedent

Lori Umberhind, Administrative Assistant 


District Lay Leaders  TBD

  • Para 660     Criteria:  Professing member of a Local Church, provide training of local church lay leaders, responsible for fostering awareness of the role of the laity both within the congregation and through their ministries in the home, workplace, community and world.  Shall be elected to AC for not less than 4 years.


District Leadership Team: Meets 3x, , one calendar/coordination; one leadership development/nominations, one in longer retreat & planning format

District Superintendent:  Rev. Karen Munson

District Lay Leaders:

DCOL:    Anne Carter, AJ Alexander (CLM)


DCOM:  Rev. Thom Blackstone

DCBL:  Pastor Ned Crockett

Congregational Development Team:  Rev. Gwyneth Arrison

 MME Finance Team:  Mr. David McMahan 

Fellowship of Licensed Local Pastors:  Pastor Gayle Holden

Young Adult: Mechuwana: Norm Thombs                          

UMVIM:  Susan Baker

UMEM: Dee Webber

Data Geek:  John Baker Streevy


District Lay Servant Ministries Committee

  • Para: 668   Criteria: Able to plan, supervise programs in the district, including Lay Servant Ministry and Certified Lay Ministry.   Members include DLL, DS, and Instructor of LS courses. 

Director: Anne Carter, Winthrop UMC

Registrar:  Sharon Merrill, Bolster’s Mills UMC

Anna Jean Alexander, Bolster’s Mills UMC

Rev. Stephen Bascom, Auburn UMC

Claire Piddock, Readfield UMC

Pastor Elizabeth Bailey Mitchell – Peoples UMC, Union & Searsmont UMC


District Committee on Ordained Ministry

  • Para 666   At least 3 professing members of local churches, a representative from Board of Ordained Ministry; District Superintendent, at least 6 other clergy – elders & deacons,  a deacon or elder age 35 or younger, an associate member, and one local pastor who has completed Course of Study. 

Laity (L)  Elders  (E)  Deacon or Local pastor (LP/D)

Dan Hall, Brunswick UMC  L

Kristin White      (registrar)    E                        

Sue Spalding, Wayne UMC      L

Sharon Lovejoy  E                                               

Laura Church LP

 Thom Blackstone (Chair) E

Neil Gastonguay LP

Joe Chamberland E

DanaBeth Wells Goodwin (retired) E

 Chong Choi E


Committee on District Superintendency

  • Para 669­­­­­­­­­­     Criteria: Membership should be - 11 members, including DLL, 2 persons appt. by DS, 2 laywomen, 2 laymen, 2 clergy, 2 alternatives. All laypersons shall be professing members active in a local church.   At least three of the eleven shall be clergy and seven shall be laypersons. PURPOSE: shall be to support the DS in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church with special reference to the district where the DS has responsibilities.
  • Designate subgroup as Parsonage Committee

Clergy                                                                                                           Laity

      _________________________                                                         1. Joel Irish, Auburn UMC (2016)

 Rev. Elizabeth Bachelder Smith, Lisbon Falls               2. Sue Spalding – Wayne    (2015)             

Rev. Meg Queior              2018 start                                        3.Karen Mitchell  DS Appt 2018

                                                                                                                    4. Maggie Tourtilotte DS appt 2018

                                                                                                                    5._____________________MME LL

                                                                                                                    6._____________________MME LL



District Congregational Development team

Rev. Gwyneth Arrison, Bath UMC  (chair)

Pastor John Baker Streevy, Bolsters Mills UMC, Bethel UMC, The Table (data)

Rev. Myung eun Park (Ministry with Partner Organizations)

Pastor Jen Reed (Ministry with the Community)


District Ministry Team Plans and Implements events:  evangelical, worship, educational, fellowship so that churches and their leaders are inspired and equipped to seek and serve Christ with excellence.  Note:  inactive as of 2018.


Ministry Day Worship coordinator  Elizabeth Bachelder Smith


District Finance Team:                      

Mission Share Relief monitoring                   

David McMahon (Chair) Jeff Toothacker, Rev. Kathleen Decker Szakas,                              


District Board of Church Location and Building

  • Para: 2518 & 2519  Criteria: 6 Minimum / 9 Maximum:  1/3 Clergy; 1/3 Laymen; 1/3 Laywomen

Clergy                                                                   Laymen                                                                 Laywomen

Ned Crockett                                                     Larry Perkins                                                     Kathy Strout

Neil Gastonguay                                              Bill Holden                                                           Ardelle Giles

_________________                                                 ------------------------                                          Lorilee Reuillard


NEAC Trustees from MidMaine: Pastor Ned Crockett – CB&L, Norm Thombs, Pastor Neil Gastonguay                


UMC Related Ministries within MidMaine:

United Methodist Economic Ministry:  Rev. Michele St Cyr, Director

MCH (Making Community Happen/Maine Conference Home):  Liz Schuh, Director

Kents Hill School:  Rev. Myung eun Park, Chaplain

Maine Wesleyan Board

Camp Mechuwana:  Norman Thombs, Director

Empire Grove:  Rev. Stan Tanner, contact