2011 Journal

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The 2011 New England Conference Journal 
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 Journal Sections and Directories
Agenda of Annual Conference (Schedule)
Business of Annual Conference
Budget 2012
Daily Proceedings for 2011
District Reports
Election Results
Equalization Members of Annual Conference
Excused from Annual Conference
GC & NEJC Boards and Committees
Officers Sheet
Pastoral Record
Pension Arrearages (2010 Ministry Report)
Policies and Procedures
Resolutions (ACTIONS) adopted at 2011 Conference
Rules of Order
Salaries of those on Extension Ministries
Statistical Tables (Excel)
Surviving Spouses Directory
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Workers in the Church Triumphant- Clergy (Celestial Ministers)
Workers in the Church Triumphant- Spouses & Laity (Heavenly Spouses)
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