Taize Pilgrimage


Importing Taize or So you want to start a Taize prayer service

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar is committed to starting Taize worship services here in the New England Conference. This resource from Conference Director of Congregational Development Rick McKinley helps you determine if a Taize prayer service is right for your church and tells you how to get started. Click the link above.

Taize Pilgrimage

You Are Invited!

All youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 35 are invited to join a life-changing pilgrimage to Taizé, France, a place which is filled with deep Christian spirituality and broad ecumenism. This week-long experience will be led by Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar.

See the 2017 Brochure (this PDF can be printed and distributed)

Three $2,000 scholarships to Taize available

Scholarships for the 2017 Taizé Pilgrimage will be awarded to up to three participants who are each willing to start a new Taizé style service in New England based upon the principles used by the community in France. Clergy and laity are eligible for these $2,000 scholarships (cost of the pilgrimage is $2,200). Selected participants will work with a coach, chosen in consultation with Conference Director of Congregational Development Rick McKinley, to create the services.

Application deadline is Dec. 16, 2016. Selected applicants will be notified in time to complete the Taize registration paperwork by the Jan. 13, 2017 deadline.

Email the Scholarship Application to Rick McKinley at rickm@neumc.org

The Experience

Discover an inner peace as you meet Jesus through simple living where He is waiting for you. Prayer, singing, Bible reflection, and sharing are some of the opportunities the Taizé experience provides to deepen the relationship between your faith and all aspects of your life. The pilgrimage will help to fulfill the mission of our Conference and churches—to make disciples for Jesus Christ who are committed to sharing the gospel, in word and deed, throughout the world.

Upon your arrival at Taizé, you are welcomed by a community of brothers who have made a lifelong commitment to follow Christ in simplicity of life. To better understand their commitment and learn more about the Taizé experience, go to www.taize.fr

Taizé Retreat Center

We fly into Geneva, spend the night and take a bus to Taizé Sunday morning. In Taizé, we will either stay in dormitories with bunk beds or large tents, sleeping on bedrolls. Food, showers, and other accommodations are simple. There is no use of electrical appliances. Special dietary requests cannot be accommodated, but a vegetarian menu is available.

Daily routines include Bible study, worship, prayer, silence, workshops, reflection, faith sharing, camp chores, and fellowship with 5,000 pilgrims from around the world.

Pastors are asked to identify pilgrims, and local churches of the New England Conference are encouraged to pay the cost of the pilgrimage experience. This is a unique investment in spiritual development which will provide personal, church, and conference benefits for years to come.

The upcoming pilgrimage

July 21-31, 2017 

Approximate Cost: $2,200*

Price Includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Lodging in Geneva and Taizé
  • Meals in Taizé
  • Transportation in Europe

Payment schedule:

  • Jan. 13, 2017:            $400 deposit due with registration forms
  • March 3, 2017:           $900 payment due
  • April 14, 2017:            $900 final payment due

* Trip cost does not include meals or optional sight-seeing events and incidentals in Geneva.

Registration and Resource Materials

The full registration packet is available here. The following documents are required to register for the pilgrimage:

  • $400 Non-refundable deposit must be included with your application. (See payment schedule above for additional payment amounts and dates)
  • Copy of valid passport and two photos must be included with application. (If you are in the process of applying for passport, please send a copy as soon as it is received.)