SteepleCom - Antenna Agreement

The New England Conference has an agreement with SteepleCom, LLC of Ashby, MA, whereby all New England Conference churches have the opportunity to receive consideration to be the site for the location of wireless communication antennas in return for a monthly payment from the wireless company or companies.

In November 2016, GCFA also entered into an agreement with Steeplecom. Moses Kumar, General Secretary of the General Council on Finance and Administration, said “We believe that the Steeplecom program can generate revenues to support mission and ministry of local churches. Steeplecom is a fully vetted vendor that is committed to providing services to churches that enable them to increase funding for local church ministries.”

Here is how this works:

SteepleCom maintains a list of building addresses for churches in the New England Conference. These addresses are made available to Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and other wireless companies that are searching for appropriate sites for wireless antennas. Companies interested in a particular site will contact SteepleCom, which will contact the church to ascertain interests.

 If the church wishes to pursue the interest, SteepleCom will act as the agent for the church. The property will be evaluated to see if the facility is appropriate and if the installation can be done without disturbing the look and function of the church.

If both the church and the wireless company wish to continue, SteepleCom will represent the church in accordance with the master agreement with the New England Conference.

Among the concerns of SteepleCom will be: that the church gets paid a fair amount for the arrangement that the church would still be available for additional installations if that possibility should occur that the agreement include periodic increases in the money paid the church that the church not get involved in a detrimental or limiting agreement that tax considerations be fully covered SteepleCom will also contribute a portion of the funds back to the New England Conference.

What you need to do:

Nothing to start with – your New England Conference church is on the master list. If a wireless company is interested in your location, you will get a call from SteepleCom. You can then begin the discussion with them to see if you want to pursue the possibilities.

If you wish, you might have a discussion now in your church to see if you would be interested in having antennas inside your steeple in return for a monthly check. Then, if you receive a call, you'll be ready to respond.

If you already you know you would like your church considered, feel free to contact SteepleCom and let them know.


Tom Moylan is the founder of SteepleCom, LLC and the Ashby Telecom Group, LLC, a consulting firm that helps clients establish public/private partnerships to develop communications infrastructures. Contact Moylan at (978) 386-2322 or

Rev. Stephen Sebastian is an ordained congregational minister, and has served on the pastoral staff of three successful churches. He serves as church liaison.

If you have questions, you can also contact Bill Burnside, Conference Treasurer