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25 Two-Minute Talks for Children: Stories that Teach Bible Truths

Type: BOOK
Author: Cornils, Stanley P.

Brief stories to help anyone communicate important lessons to children. They are short, the language is plain, and the lessons are real.

365 Meditations for Women

Type: BOOK
Author: Abernethy, et. al.

Meditation and devotion. 12 gifted Christian women contributed - one for each month. With honesty, understanding, and compassion, these women offer inspiration and guidance. Reflecting on the Bible, giving prayers of thanks, telling inspirational stories of great Christian women, and sharing beautiful poetry and prose, each woman offers her Christian meditations to nurture and sustain you throughout the year.

365 More Meditations for Women

Type: BOOK
Author: Carcano, et al

Guides you through a year of your spiritual journey with writings from 12 gifted Christian Women.

52 Fun Family Devotions: Exploring and Discovering God's Word

Type: BOOK
Author: Nappa and Nappa

Fun!! 52 devotions (on per week) that make use of the ordinary things of life to demonstrate or experience spiritual truths. Each devotion includes the Bible basis, a list of equipment or supplies needed, a family activity, comments, questions to discuss and a closing prayer.

56 Devotions on Short Notice

Type: BOOK
Author: Wallace, Robert A.

Resource designed for people who are asked, on short notice, to lead a brief devotional or worship service. Each 20-minute service is complete on 2 facing pages for easy presentation. Each includes a call to worship, prayer, scripture, suggested hymn, meditation, and closing prayer.

Acolytes, Greeters, Ushers

Type: VHS

Always in Rehearsal

Type: BOOK
Author: James H. Ritchie, Jr.

The practice of worship and the presence of children

America's New Religious Landscape: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

Type: VHS

Immigrants from all over the owrld have brought with them their religious traditions - Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian and others. This 60-minuted tape inclused some of the most colorful and exciting stories from the public television series "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. Encludes: 14-page full color discussion guide.

American Sign Language Hymns for Signing

Type: BOOK
Author: Keller, Curt D., Ed.

Text to 733 hymns with tips for signing them in ASL. User should already know ASL.

American Woman 1999-2000, The: A Century of Change - What's Next?

Type: BOOK
Author: Costello, Miles and Stone, ed.

7th volume of series documenting the social economic and political status of American women studies the progress - and setbacks - of women during the past century as well as looking to the future.

Ancient-Future Worship: A Model for the 21st Century

Type: VHS
Author: Webber, Robert

Revitalize your worship, uniting the best from all traditions Our world is entering an era where the primary form of communication is no longer print and verbal explanation, but immersed participation in an audio-visual event. In 6 challenging sessions (designed for group study and discussion) using a model of actual worship, Robert Webber shows how to plan and do visual, intergenerational worship. 2 videos (10-22 min per video segment) with study guide and discussion guide.

Around the World with the Youth Service Fund

Type: VHS

Informational video showing how the United Methodist Youth Service Fund connects your youth to other youth in need around the world. It is a primary tool for ministry by youth for youth. This video helps explain why your CCYM, DCYM, and local church participation is so important.

At a Loss for Words

Type: VHS
Author: Hamilton, Charity

How to Help Those You Care for in a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Newborn Death Experience. You care, but you don't know how to show it. Teaches spouses, family, friends, neighbors, and early caregivers - clergy, doctors, nurses, and counselors - how to help and what to say and do. Includes resource guide.

Awed by God! - Youth Worship Leader's Guide

Type: BOOK
Author: McGuire, McGuire and Sorensen

Designed for youth worshippers, Awed by God! Is an elective study for short-term Christian education settings like VBS, retreats, church or confirmation classes, etc. It uses the festivals of worship that Jesus understood and attended as its basis, many of which are the basis for present Christian worship practices. Each session has over 2 hrs of activities, and helps regular and new youth to understand our worship in fun and meaningful ways.

Awesome Worship Services for Youth: 12 Powerful, Faith-Buiding Worship Services

Type: BOOK
Author: Group Publishing

Worship isn't a spectator sport, so involve your teenagers in powerful worship with these 12 faith-building worship services. Each service combines 4 key forms of worship: celebration, reflection, symbolic action, and declaration of God's truth. You'll train your teens for leadership as together you experience the presence of God.

Bad Girls of the Bible: Exploring Women of Questionable Virtue

Type: BOOK
Author: Essex, Barbara J.

12-week study for women and men, laity and clergy, brings to life the Bible's "bad girls" - notorious women we love to hate, exploring lives filled with betrayal, deception, rejection, jealousy, and exploitation. Shows us women of exceptional boldness, courage, determination and independence - women not that different from ourselves.

Beacon Guide to New England Houses of Worship: An Architectural Companion

Type: BOOK
Author: Smith, G. E. Kidder

Lively and entertaining guide ideal for students, architecture buffs, and all who want to savor the peerless architectural heritage of the region. Explores the architectural richness of New England's churches and synagogues.

Better Children's Sermons: 54 Visual Lessons, Dialogues, and Demonstrations

Type: BOOK
Author: Dann, Bucky

For pastors and Christian educators - a creative approach to the important task of developing the faith life of children. 54 Visual Lessons, Dialogues, and Demonstrations

Beyond Mere Words

Type: VHS

Designed to help your congregation with mission, ministry, and giving.
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