Spiritual Formation Initiative & Contacts

The New England Conference Spiritual Formation Initiative seeks to support the passionate spirituality of individuals as well as groups  by providing resources and gatherings for lay and clergypersons, local congregations, and other groups. Click here for a brochure to download.

Nurturing Spiritual Leadership:
  • Retreat Leaders Training
  • Spiritual Direction Training (Gateways to God)
  • Congregational Spiritual Formation (Gateways to God)
  • Companions in Christ Leader Training
  • Annual Clergy Retreat
  • Day Apart Retreats at Rolling Ridge
Nurturing the Spiritual Life of the Congregation
  • Retreat in a Box "Taste and See"
  • Annual Nurturing Passionate Spirituality Day
  • Fresh Air Modules and leaders
  • Leadership at district and conference events
Encouraging Individual Spiritual Growth
  • Five-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation
  • Scholarships for laity to attend Two-Year Academy
  • Spiritual direction & workshops at School of Congregational Development


Contact Us

Co-Chairs of Spiritual Formation Initiative:
Cathy MacGovern
Evie Doyon

New England Conference Office

Rosemary McNulty
978-682-7676 ext. 201
Executive Director, Rolling Ridge
Rev. Larry Peacock